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Renegade Nate Dogg and My Girl

Here’s my girl (she’s a hottie!) and I chilling at a local club last weekend listening to some live music and chilling with some friends.

The “haze” is from the smoke in the room. That’s the one thing I hate about going out to bars and clubs.

Nate, I hope that’s not your little ding-dong she’s pinching.

You gotta watch out for the little things in these pics you send out…rainbows…crotch grabs…hehe.

Here’s one taken last March during her birthday. Yes, she is taller than me, but not as much as this photo shows. She had some FMB’s on that night (FMB=Fuck Me Boots).

LOL! I didn’t notice her hand placement in the other photo. It’s all good!

Yeah, she’s definitely a hottie! And dude, I’ve seen so many pictures of you on the forum I feel like I know you personally…

Nate: You do realize that you used the word “chilling” twice in the same sentence…

…don’t you?

Cool pictures and the renegade beanie looks good on you.

She looks a little exotic. Where is she from. When I am looking for a girl I always look for an exotic girl, there’s just something about an exotic look that gets me.

:slight_smile: Groove

Remember the shirts: See tom girls? Pimp. Tom. Pimp


Big pimpin’, spending cheese…

Found it.

I would say Czech!!!
Am I rite?
That or Polish
If so Ahoy!! Yaksha Mush, Dosay Dobra?
How about her name?
She is lovely.
You two look happy.
Value it! As it is precious.


Ah MBE theres that shirt.


Dame like that deserves a nice, deep shallow ditch.

MBE: “Functional Maiming. Since 1801.”

in that second pic she looks a lil bit like milla jovovich in 5th element. pretty sexy.

Lookin’ good. I was talking about Joy, Nate, not you;-) Just bustin’ ya, bruh! Quality. FMB? That’s new to me, I’ll have to put that one in the vocab bank.

You didn’t notice her hand placement in that first one…how about your hand placement in the second one? That’s what I’m talking about.

Char-Dawg, you and MBE are constantly ragging Nate and I for our choice of vocabulary, man. You know, Char, we could be doing much worse, like typing in all lower or upper case, misspelling words like a kind-e-gartner, or using improper grammar. Okay, I should probably stop before you cut and paste a whole bunch of my threads where I’m speaking half Ebonics. You guys realize I’m just poking some fun in return;-)

If I understand the situation correctly, you are poking fun at Char and myself by placing your own actions under further riddicule? Cue sigh and subsequent eyeroll. Char, I too must claim spitefulness towards your incessant use of proper grammar and punctuation. For shame, making your posts coherent and well-structured.

MBE: “Human minefield since 1871.”

Oh, I’ve forgotten to include this as a tribute to the brutal lashing dealt to Char-Dawg and myself.

Okay, just to satisfy everyone out there (because I know you’re all dying of curiosity), here is char-dawg’s one and only attempt to be “hep”.

(What’s that? We don’t use that word anymore…?)

Yo, peeps ‘n’ shit. ‘ssssssup? Timbo-rimbo yolamanama dinblo, hella hella m’man! An’ a huge Halle Berry too! Dat ho B faaaaiinn, yo! Gots to get me sum o’ dat cafe in MAH olay, you know what I’m sain’t? Awww, HELL yeah! Two fangers stikin’ out at uh odd-fuckin’ angle from MAH hand! Smack-dab, crotch-grab, who’s fab? Dat MonkeyBE on mah back to deal wit de light work, postin’ an’ roastin’ wit de rhymin’ timin’ lemon-limin’ pics he ain’t signin’. SIGnifyin’.




LOL! Great responses! Sorry it took me so long to respond, but you guys know that I’m never on here during the weekend, as I’m out and about enjoying the sun and having fun.

Char, DAYUM, I didn’t realize I used chilling twice. I’ll be sure to catch that next time. heheh.

Mike, yeah, I think the Renegade beanie fits me pretty well. I wear it all the time when its just a tad bit chilly for my little bald head. LOL!

Groove, Eva and others, yes, my girl is a bit on the exotic side. She lived in Hawaii most of her life. She’s actually Polish and Jewish, so that gives her the hella hot look that most people comment on.

Chrismcl, yeah, she sorta has the Milla Jovonvich look in that second photo. She’s also done the blonde hair thing last summer, and I have a few sexy pics of her posing. But I better keep those to myself.

Timbo, yo bro, it’s all good with the hand placement. Either way, someone wins! Yeah man, you know that we toss around the crazy lingo, and MBE is just jealous that his vocabulary doesn’t contain the cool words that make him sound pimp. It’s okay though, we can teach him. LOL!

I’ll get updated body pics of myself soon. I’ve been leaning down quite nicely, and Renegade training is doing me up proper. Give me a couple months, and I’ll update those photos of me from when I was all fat and out of shape back from summer and early fall.

And maybe, I’ll post some new ones of my girl. LOL!

Peace outtie.

Char, do I really sound that good? Dayum, bruh, that was Qua-li-tee! I gotta take notes and practice.

Honestly, if my attempts at making posts more colorful and friendly interfere with the messages and information that I’m trying to get across, I will halt all signs and implications of humor. I will begin writing in Shakespearean tone if necessary.

It just seems to me that there are far more incoherent and disgusting uses of spelling and grammar than that which the Dogg and myself utilize.