Renegade Kettlebell Work

Anyone else had trouble completing the Coaches Kbell workouts with any decent weight w/o having his lower back scream in agony due to a lack of local muscular endurance? How did you get through it?

Yeah, I had the same problem. I was using db’s instead of kb’s though… Not sure what a ‘decent’ weight is to you. I was using 35’s. My back was really tight for about the first week, but I just toughed it out. I did the circuits every day before my weight training, and everything feels great now.

It took about 2 weeks, but the soreness went away due to increased endurance and improved form.

Can you guys post your k-bell circuits? I’m interested in doing these as well.

One problem that I try to convince people is to not use too heavy of a weight. Back down on the weight significantly - concentrate on thrusting the hips forward and please feel free to email me. In faith, Coach Davies