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Renegade/functional program

After TC’s article, I’m interested in starting a renegade/functional program…anyone want to post their fav? Thanks.

got a great one coming up for you in an article. In faith, Coach Davies

My personal favorite is “Renegade Training - Hockey Goaltender Specific”, been doing it 11 weeks strong. Of course, if you are not a hockey goaltender you may want to find something else :).

I dunno about that statement Chris, I like to beleive that there’s a little hockey goaltender in us all…

MBE: “Being forcefully restrained since 1434.”


I always have the functional stuff in my programs. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the various one handed barbell lifts (side press, one arm snatch, one arm clean). This morning I through together a complex that looked like this:
barbell side press L X 5
barbell side press R X 5
2 hand dumbell swing X 15
barbell hang clean L X 5
barbell hang clean R X 5
1 hand dumbell swing X 15
barbell hang snatch L X 5
barbell hang snatch R X 5
after this rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times. The weight is fairly light with an emphasis on technique and body control.

After this it’s a few minutes of bodyweight GPP and then on to an hour of regular strength/weight training. As a finisher I throw together a brutal whole body complex I got from Javorek. It’s done with a light barbell and goes like this:
curl X 6
upright row X 6
military press X 6
overhead squat X 6
snatch X 6
bent over row X 6
front squat X 6
clean X 6
good morning X 6
jump squat X 6
this is immediately followed by 3 minutes of heavy bag work, shadow boxing, or rope skipping. I then rest a minute and repeat once more.

That’s funny, all my teammates seem to think us goaltenders are crazy.