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Don't post a lot...but just wanted to ask/comment/discuss people's experiances with Renegade training. I recently got a few programs from Davies' web site, and had the opportunity to speak with him as well. This guy is THE MOST REAL PERSON I'VE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK WITH IN A WHILE. Not to mention that he really knows what's going on with respect to hardcore training. What have been your experiances with R*style training? Just want to see what the rest of the nation has been doing with respect to this excellent style of training.




I did a lot of Renegade Training in the past. When Coach Davies first started posting on the forum about RT, a bunch of us were getting daily workouts from him that we followed for about 9-10 weeks during July - September 2001. They were BRUTAL, but I got in awesome shape and absolutely loved it.

I then took a break from RT and did some other stuff for about a year, got out of shape, felt like shit and went back to Renegade Training in the fall of 2002. I followed a six-month general conditioning program that got me in super shape and ultra lean (see my "Nate Dogg in Training" in the Physique/Photo forum for pics from that time).

Unfortunately, I lost too much size and strength, and the workouts were too brutal to keep doing forever. I followed the conditioning program with his Powerlifting program to put on some size and strength. Had another break from RT due to injuries and such, then I decided to follow CW's stuff and have made awesome gains since then.

I have utmost respect for Coach Davies and RT (it's more than just training too!). I don't have the energy or desire to follow those programs anymore, but I still use a lot of the knowledge I learned (especially GPP and kbell stuff) in my current workouts. He really helped change things in the industry, even if some people think he's gone a bit too far with functional training or balance training or whatever. Like he said in his recent article, it's only a portion of the entire training system. The other stuff is not like that but definitely works.

Give it a try and see for yourself whether you like it or not.



John really is a great guy (I will be getting my latest Renegade program from him any day now) and is just a very genuine person to speak with. No BS, no hype, no nonsense. It's pretty refreshing.

I did a power/speed program with him that improved my flat out speed and acceleration for soccer like nothing else. I was a big fan of it and tailored some of it to match up with my own needs and schedule. Took some time to fiddle around with a Poliquin program (Advanced German Volume Training) and some DeFranco (Westside for Skinny Bastards II), but will be returning to the R*style since outdoor soccer starts up in a week and a half.

I think you will get great results from a very tough, honest workout.

As Nate pointed out, a lot of what is involved in Renegade Training really goes beyond just the actual exercises. It's more of an approach whereby you figure out how to use training to add to your life (not consume it).

Let us know how it goes.



You mentioned that Coach Davies was giving you guys daily routines to follow for a while. Do you still have these anywhere? I'd be interested. Let me know. Thanks.

In faith,


Mr. BiteCat,

I can tell you that you will recognize things that have alluded you in the past, old girlfriends will suddenly be hitting your cell at 2:30 am. Stick with the programs and your body will mold to steel and your posture will have new meaning.


I just bought the Renegade Training for MMA from his website. I'll let you know how that works for me.


If you search the forum, you may be able to find them all.


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Thanks Dogg!



You said that you lost "size and strength."

Please define strength. Do you mean 1RM's in the weightroom?

Do you play sports or just work out to be "big and strong?"


Yes. My overall strength went down on all the major lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press). I struggled with weights that were 50lbs lighter than I did before the program. For example, prior to the RT program, I was benching 185x5. I struggled to do 135x5 after the program.

I do not play organized sports other than fun stuff with friends (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, etc.). My conditioning was unbelievable at the time. I could run, bike, swim and play for hours while others had no more energy...and I was just getting started. So it was a trade-off. Less strength (by numbers), but better overall conditoning, being leaner, etc.

I work out for health and fitness, but I also work out for a decent level of size and strength. The RT conditioning program was great for health and fitness (and being lean and mean to look good naked). However, I wasn't pushing up any big numbers in my lifts.


Thanks for your answers Nate.

I read some of your earlier posts and you looked very enthusiastic about Renegade training.

How were your other attributes? explosiveness (vertical,sprinting), relative strength (bodyweight stuff, could you kip, do advanced pistols, gymanstics, body control, etc)

I guess maybe it boils down to priorities: I'd rather be able to outsprint somebody or outjump them and could care less if I can only deadlift 315 lbs and they can pull 405. That only matters in the realm of powerlifting.

Just my humble opinion.


Yeah, I am a Renegade for life, even if I don't follow the exact programs anymore. :wink:

I was faster than ever before and my endurance/conditioning was phenominal. Even though I never ran for time or distance, a few times when I did go for a jog, I had no problem jogging several miles with EASE. And I never trained that way with RT. It was all due to sprinting, various bodyweight exercises (unweighted GPP: burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, vertical hops, etc.), kbell exercises, a lot of jump rope work and doing more "explosive" and higher-rep weighted exercises and GPP.

I didn't test my vertical, but I could tell that my skills in volleyball and other sports were at my best ever. At 5'4", my friends were amazed at how high I could jump when playing volleyball, or even when messing around on the basketball court and nearly touching the rim.

I dominated in bodyweight exercises (from all the pushups, dips, chins, burpees, etc.), and I was also quite the "gymnast" and could walk on my hands, do handstands and handstand pushups easily, and press myself from a handstand starting with my knees on my elbows.

So although I was a bit smaller (because I got so lean) and weaker (as far as weight numbers go), I had a lot of other positive attributes.

Like you said, it just depends on your goals. I eventually wanted more size and strength.


Good point Nate.

You have Renegade core values in your heart even though you've switched training styles. That's cool and I can respect that.

Yeah, it definitely does come down to personal preference.


after I got layed off the second time Coach Davies had some realy encouraging words for me. He convinced me to get off my ass, go back to the gym, and stop fealing sorry for myself. He realy helped me pull out and start again. I realy respect Davies' independance and sense of honor.