Renegade Flexibility Training

I am setting up this thread to discuss the benefits of a flexibility routine, and to illuminate a subject that many experts label as the most misunderstood element of training. Many avid and dedicated weightlifters rarely have any scripted stretching regime when they go to the gym. I have found that stretching, just like weight training is easier to regularly follow when it is scripted before getting to the gym. Feel free to share personal experiences, exercises, or books on this subject. It would also be great if Kato or Coach shared some specifics of a Renegade-typical routine.

I am a renegade but definitely an inflexible one! I need some help from this thread

My guys all have a rigid flexibility routine in place. Its not really designed to increase flexibility, but to reduce chances of injury and prevent soreness. It does improve flexibility, though.

A. Before Training:

  1. Joint Rotations. Each joint in the whole body is gently twisted through its range of motion. With special emphasis on high impact joints (eg. Wrists in Grass Drills).
  2. 400-800m Warmup Jog. Always as a team. As fast as the slowest man.
  3. Dynamic Stretching. Pendulum Swings of limbs, etc. And flexibility/agility drills such as carioca and bounding.

B. Postworkout.

  1. Warm down with a game followed by passive stretching and gentle activity for about an hour.

The A section is also done every morning (Without the drills) and the B section every night. Workout or no.

I believe flexibility is just as important as any other component of training. It has so much to offer in terms of injury prevention, longevity and performance enhancement. Not to mention how bodybuilders can improve size and definition in their muscles by stretching. Everyone should at least be doing something simple like Ian King’s stretching program.

I would love to help - I use a very basic pattern of 24 stretches. Simple & effective - but here’s the big but, I need to find a way to post this so you can see it. I will check into this for you. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, how about just writing an article for Tmag regarding flexibility and including all the details and pics in there?

great idea, I will mention it. Shouldn’t you be referring to yourself as Coach Buster?. In faith, Coach Davies

In the meantime, Coach, could you give us a brief outline?
Riley King

I also think that flexibility is often overlooked. I srated stretching 22 years ago after reading an article in the old muscle builder power(pre muscle and fitness) by Mandy Tanny. now as a practicing chiropractor I realized I made a pretty good decision.

I followed the program faithfully at night for about ten years 5-7 days a week. It really paid off in preventing injuries, along with helping balance as a weekend warrior. Instead of outlining the program, since I can’t type fast, I’d recommend Looking up Ian King’s program on stretching in tmag.
I’ve also observed that once I knew the stretches well, I made better progress if I pushed the limit to some degree. I would actively, but safely try to force more range of motion. I was also careful not to use any bounce in the extreme range of motion. These stretches were all done static, with some use of the antagonist to push the extreme, ie almost trying to pull your hands to the floor on astanding hmastring stretch. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the idea, DOC! I was a little more interested in dynamic and PNF stretches before the workout to aid performance. Any ideas?

I am at a loss right now how to go through a stretching program verbally. I am working on something to pass on this to you. I apologize but I will get something to you all asap. In faith, Coach Davies