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Renegade Equipment!!!!

Could someone please give me information on the equipment that I need to take part in Ren. Training? I want to know if I will be able to go full boar with this. Thank you

For football phase 1 level 1 you need the standard equipment which you should already have access to (dumbbell, free weights, bench, squat rack, place to power clean/snatch) an agility ladder and hurdles are an integral part of the program and are done on a daily basis for hip flexibility and other proprioceptive reasons. However, there are ways around not having these, you can use a sidewalk, hash mark on a football field for the agility work. A kettelbell is very useful, but a db may be substituted for the swings and snatches. GPP may require tire, sled for sled pulls, wheel barrow for the walk, but again there are ways around this obstacle.

Hey Chef,
Coach and I are hungry … what’s on the grill?


Tonight its seared potato crusted halibut with mango chutney and grilled Italian veggies. How’s the extreme sport scene looking? On a side note to Coach D, I finally got school sqaured away and he will be recieving my nutrition article by week ends.

hey buddy, now I know who the Renegade Chef is! - Training going well in NYC, you wouldnt believe what we’ve got coming up. Sure wish I was over your place for that feast. Please send me an email when you can and maybe we can plan on getting together sometime soon. In faith, Coach Davies

My father and I built the agility ladder and the hurdles ourselves.

For the hurdles we used 6 10 foot pipes, 20 elbows, and 10 bushings (all 3/4 inch). We also had some acetone like pvc glue stuff to make certain sections permanent.
So here was the recipe:
top piece - 4 foot piece of pvc plus 2 elbows all glued together,
legs - made these as tall as my hip joint. Upon realizing that some drills were currently impossible for me at that height, we made the hurdles adjustable by cutting the legs down and cutting the part cut off the leg in half, and attaching each part to a bushing. The main part of the leg is glued to an elbow, and the bushings are glued to their respective small pieces of pipe. For bases we used 1 foot long pieces of pvc and filled them with concrete. This gave the hurdles enough weight so they wouldn’t flop down too easily. So that made one hurdle, we repeated the process 5 times. The set of hurdles ended up costing about 20 some odd dollars.

As far as the agility ladder we acquired some nylon rope, nothing special, just braided yellow synthetic utility stuff. Then we made 13 wood slats (for 12 rungs) that I estimate measure 1/2 x 2/3 inch, but the exact dimensions aren’t so important. What is important is that the slats lie flat, and don’t stick up extremely high. The rope was simply stapled to the sides of the wood slats at the appropriate distances. This cost us nothing but time as we had all the materials beforehand.
And thus I began using the equipment we made, and it’s been working great, it has endured a few slip ups if you will none worse for the wear.
If you need more elaboration on the instructions just say so.
Adam Marshall