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Renegade Dieting?

just wondering if anyone has any info on the coach’s dieting advice/plans. I know he advocates ‘eating clean’ and using vegetables as a carb source, but i have found most vegs have a minimal amount of carbs. Could anyone elaborate? meal combos? thanks

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m not saying you’re stupid, but Coach Davies doesn’t write much about it anymore. But you should keep it pretty simple. Eat all the vegetables and fruit that you want along with good protein and fat sources. I agree with Coach Davies in that “if it comes in a box and is manmade, don’t eat it!” If you’re following Renegade Training, you will find that your metabolism is usually sky high all the time, and you can eat tons of food and still get leaner and meaner. If you’re having problems getting carbs through veggies (are you eating potatoes and yams?), then try whole-grain brown rice and the occasional pasta dish. I don’t eat rice or pasta too often, but they do help to get your carbs up if you’re having problems. Look up “Jay Robb” and check out some of his articles about nutrition. I agree with many of his teachings, and he’s right on track with his recommendations. You can find a link to some of his articles off of Coach Davies site.