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Renegade Bodybuilding

I was just looking over some of John Davies old Renegade articles on this site and wondering if anyone had given his Renegade Bodybuilding program a go.

Davies seems to have fallen out of vogue of late, understandably as he hasn’t published an article in a while. Nevertheless, some of his articles are incredibly interesting, especially if you get the occasional urge for something really old school - cue Rocky training montage. Let us know if you’ve attempted the program.
Cheers John.

His programs are not for the faint of heart. I did both Fat-to-Fire programs and thought they were tough. That was until I read his Renegade Training for Football and Renegade Training for Extreme Sports books. The volume in those programs was much greater.

His programs really push you to the limits of mental endurance. His warm ups have half the volume of some other entire programs. His programs are very effective at increasing conditioning and losing fat. They also push you to do things you normally would not do, such as tumble.

Since his program, I regularly perform handstands, cartwheels, etc. These are things I hadn’t done in years. My daughter thinks that a 33yr old guy weighing >220lbs tumbling in the yard with her is crazy, but she has adjusted.

Renegade Training is good stuff. I’ve used various programs including the bodybuilding program with great success in overall conditioning and athleticism. In 2003, I was at my leanest ever after following a general RT program for five months.

Give it a try and see how it works for you! But be ready for some very, very tough workouts.