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Renegade Bodybuilding


I am planning to start coach Davies Renegade Bodybuilding and I am wondering What a 5 day split looks like? Also, is this suitable for someone using Steroid Dieting (using Mag-10) and 25% B.F. or would his Fat To Fire program be more beneficial? (my goal is to increase LBM and lose fat)

This will be my first experience with a coach Davies program. I have done Meltdown, Growth Surge, 5x5, The Winning Formula, and Get Buffed but this seems way way more hard core than all of those together.


Kraig Y

I understand that some have lost fat and gained a few lbs. of lbm while on mag10. You really should decide what you want, though. If you’re looking to lean down, I’d try Fat to Fire. When you’ve gotten yourself down to 8-10%, maybe try the Coach’s bodybuilding program. I’m on week 3… up 6 lbs. No Mag-10.

How do you like this program?
I have never seen a 5 day routine before are you doing ON mon,tues,wed,fri,sat and Off sun, and thurs?
Is this your first go around with one of coach Davies programs?
what do you think of the calisthenics program?

Thanks for the info, KraigY

Coach Davies programs are very effective and results oreinted. This type of program is taxing on the body and requires you to break in slowly. There will probably be great deal of movements you are not accustomed to. Begin with minimum weight when learning new movements. I suspect the results you will see with Davies program.

Coach Hale

Kraig Y,
As difficult as it may seem, do the program as is. Coach knows his stuff and has it set up this way for a reason( the # of multi joint lifts tax the body a whole lot more than single joint lifts), you will need the rest days. I’m doing the VIP program, the calisthenics improves muscle coordination and gives the muscles stamina. Do the stretching too. Diet keep it clean(don’t eat junk food). Eat 1-2 grams protein, use veggies for carbs except post workout shake and get your good fats in and you could lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.If you have never train renegade style, it’s a new stimulus and will take time to gain the ability to finish the workout. Mag-10 will help, surge will help and your days off will help. Do it as is and see.

Kraig, I think you should read the article again. Day three of the program is considered a rest day from the iron with only GPP. Thus, a split would be Mon=Day1, Tues=Day2, Wed=Day3 (GPP), Thurs=Day4, Fri=Day5, Sat=Rest, Sun=Rest. At least that’s how I interpereted it. Please chime in if I’m wrong Coach. I have just started the training this week, and intend to do GPP on Sat as well because I’m a fat bastard!

Keep me abreast of your results. I will also be releasing a little update on the Renegade bodybuilder as he won as top competition. Kahuna - you’re dead on but if you can combine Saturdays GPP with either a cold water swim or ice bath. In faith, Coach Davies

So far Kraig, I’m lovin’ it! My favorite movement is the Squat/Push Press complex. It’s a killer.

Kahuna’s right about the split… reread the article. Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri. Wednesday is GPP.

I’d been doing Coach’s GPP for a couple weeks before I started the Renegade Bodybuilding program, and I love it. Burpee’s and Mountain Climbers are two of the most demanding exercises I’ve done in a while. I walk out of the gym dripping… people think I’m nuts. If you like hardcore, warrior-style training… you’ll love this program!

Thanks for the clarification. I am taking this week off and intend to start this ass kicker up next week.

Thanks for all of the great info and I'll fill you in on my progress in a couple of weeks.


so how’s it going so far Kraig> are you gettinh good results>

I can’t say enough about the fat to fire program it actually produces results. At 25% bf this is what you should be doing to get that number down. With the GPP segment I combined mountain climbers, suqat thrusts, pushups and shadow boxing and it kicked my ass…give it a shot


after doing some research I decided to do Meltdown II because I just liked the lifts better. I just did Mike Mahler's kettlebell workshop last weekend and intend to start his roadwork program next. It looks pretty brutal. After that I will do renegade bodybuilding. and by that time I think I will have a good idea of what I like and don't like and I will then construct a program using the stuff I like from all of the stuff I've learned.


Just started the renegade bodybuilding program and find it is a great change of pace from the normal bodybuilding routines most of us grew up on. The only exercise I’m not clear about is the rope pull. Reading the explanation in Coach Davies’ article has me confused. Are you supposed to pull the rope from a low pulley or from a higher lat pull machine? Anyone have an answer?

I thought there was a picture in the article,… guess I’m mistaken. It’s pretty easy dude. Go to a cable station (cross over machine or whatever), set the pulley at it’s highest height w/ the rope attachment. Take a few steps back, and grab both ends of the rope over hand (w/ one hand) and pull it back to eye-level while keeping your elbow above your shoulder.

Hope that helps, but if I remember correctly… Coach Davies description was pretty much the same. Good luck, my man.

perform the rope pull from a high pulley. Pull it into eye-level and keep elbows high. I hope that helps you. In faith, Coach Davies