Renegade Bodybuilding Support Group

First time poster, long time reader. Tomorrow I’m starting the Renegade Bodybuilding workout in this week’s issue (Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION). I’ve been intrigued by Coach Davies’ methods and look forward to preparing myself for a 2003 Australian rules football season (my first since I played at a very junior level, five years ago). The Renegade Bodybuilding workout looks like a nice lead-up to an intense summer (I’m in Melbourne) of training to run my opponents into the ground, next year. I’m 169-171 pounds and 5’8, probably around 15% BF. By March/April I’d like to be playing at the same weight, but with 8% BF. Anyway, enough of my story. Will start posting updates as of tomorrow.

YBF, welcome to the Renegade Brotherhood. Although Coach Davies’ BB program is fantastic, if you’re training for Aussie football, you’d probably want to start in with his sport-specific programs. It’ll really step up your athleticism and get you into great shape for the season.

The BB program is pretty amazing - and will definately get some serious growth. But as noted it is probably best to look at the sport specific program. Let me know how I can help. In faith, Coach Davies

I’m recovering from a long-term injury and didn’t want to start any high-impact training (can’t be jumping rope, running etc.) until November. Coach, I’ll be in touch to get your thoughts on it. Its a typical soccer injury (that’s how I got it), so you might have a bit to say about it. Thanks guys.

YFB: Get in a pool, everyday until you can handle impact. Cold pool if you could choose. Tread water, do sprints, throw combinations, but keep and get that stamina up. So your hurt, training doesn’t stop for injuries. Infact bleeding is what gets the sharks circling.