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Renegade BB has Begun

Having chosen RBB for my mass phase (wanted to try something new and different), I embarked upon my first tour this morning. After a grueling hour-and-twenty-min sweat-fest, I can most certainly reccomend RBB to those who enjoy a challenge that may or may not result in a net loss of stomach contents. I’ll keep those who are curious updated.

“MBE: And now for something completely defiant…Since 1908.”


MBE - please do keep us posted. I was very close to starting the program but instead bought his football training book to make sure there is a complete ass kicking. thx.

MBE, great workout right? Totally different from most Renegade workouts. Incidentally, one of our guys up in NorCal used this program and won I believe it was a Teen America or USA title and now is headed for the national title. Sorry I can’t remember the exact title he won :-/

Congrats, MBE. And I’m utterly jealous. I would love to spend five days a week performing this program, since it looks like incredible fun. However, with boxing and now once a week w/the strongmen - I’d be relegated to Saturdays and Sundays.

I may just take parts of this workout and create a two day a week routine. God, I want to do this one.....but there's only so many days in a week and so many hours in a day!

Eric, did you remember to incorporate the poo-fling for distance and the banana hold for time? Don’t forget to watch “Link” like I told you… NOW GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!!

keep at it and as G noted - our Renegade BB won a huge contest. We still gotta train together in the City don’t we? Talk with you soon & please send me an email. In faith, Coach Davies

MBE, if your expeience with is as mine was, you’ll get the urge to go apply for a job as a strong arm for an illegal organization, or any thing that allows you to out muscle stuff. This program put me in a different frame of mind, but alas I was doing it iso-caloric style, so your reports on mass gain will be looked forward to. Good luck.

U.P. trust me…The Illegal Organization will come looking for you, such as you are harder to find. “Wishing I thought of this stupid, corny way to end my thread since I first heard of MBE” -D.R.

Feelin’ the love, guys, thank you all. Renegade is most certainly a new kick in the ass, the sort I thrive on. My favorite workouts are those wherein the grand culmination consists of my falling in an exhausted, sweating, manically-laughing heap on the floor (and some Forumites still wonder why I work out at home). Coach D, you and I have been missing eachother via schedual for our NYC hostile takover going on months now. I do beleive it is time to break that cycle, sir. To the rest, thank you for your continued support and I will be updating.

MBE: “Monkey goin’ Ape since 1885.”


Er, I’m most apologetic that I’ve been a trifle naughty, sir. Do accept my sincerest and most grovelling of please for forgiveness. I must also, however, dispell this awful stereotype concerning my fecal fiascos. I do have my dignity afterall and if ever I engage in some of this barbaric activity I choose to utilize a catapult of my own design. I call it the “Crapapult”. Yes. Sir will you and this Jenifer be engaging in any activities which may compromise the sanctity of the estate? If so I shall put newspaper down and plasticize the furnishings as usual. Indeed. If all is settled I shall be in my cage awaiting your bidding you bulbous excuse for an overactive corpse. Very good sir.

MBE: “Servitdude. Since 1904.”


One hour. Twenty-five minutes. Fourty six seconds. Pure masochistic pleasure. Coach, I apologize, I could not complete the glute ham raises but I did manage to grind my face into the floor a bit. During the GPP portion of our show I had to sit on my bench for a good 20 seconds in-between circuits.

I had a near-hurl moment but it passed uneventfully and I was able to keep the calories intact. I vaguely remember cursing with through annunciation, however during which portion of what task I am not certain.

I work out barefoot, so the callus on my big toe is engaging in a hostile takover. Fortunately I had enough cognition remaining to drink my Surge, shower, sign onto my server and write this. Stopwatch is right next to me. Yep, 1:25:46. Stop. Clear. Repeat.

MBE: "Signing off, zoning out since always."