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renegade and you

Curious to get into renegade training, thinking about doing the football training for overall athleticism. Am interested to hear from some guys about their experiences with renegade training (actual application experiences) and the results, stats, etc. Just curious to get some feedback to reinforce my decision to go with it. Details, thanks ya’ll.

There is a great article in the archives on renegadetraining.com. It is written by someone who used the football program and talks about all his results and what he went through. It’s not under the articles link, it is an archive of the code. Hope this helps.


Chris, I cant find the article. Do you remember the name of it etc? Thanks

www.renegadetraining.com/ code_08_07_02/code_ dan_meredith.html

The problem is the link is wrong on the archive. This link will take you to the page.

Thanks Bro!!!

You won’t be disappointed training Renegade style. I’ve done a bunch of the programs and the results in your performance are amazing. Go for it!

I can tell you that after working with Coach Davies, he knows what it takes to get the body ready for football. Its a tough man’s game, so you need a toughman exercise routine. Its not about bench press max’s or bicep size. You need to be able to be at the right place at the right time. He gives you the tools to do that