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Renaming PWI


Is it me or should it this subforum be called "Trivial Links of why Obama is a terrible President/person"

Whose with me?


If you change obama to president, then yes. Page back through to when Bush was in office. Obama is in no way unique.


Unemployment comparable to the Great Depression due to bizarre economic disinsentives to domestic employers hiring American workers (Obamacare, new unemployment laws, new lawsuit avenues) is hardly trivial.

Selling your future to pay for the same Ponzi scheme is similarly non-trivial.

Betraying allies like Israel trying to appease crazy Islamists is likewise non-trivial.

If someone asked me how to screw up America economically 2 years ago, I don't think I could have come up with a better plan than what Obama did.


You a bit sensitive the Emperor has no clothes now?


You guys are nothing short of amazing.

No worries, though...massa' Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and Ms. Palin bees here to save us ALL!!!




I take it you weren't referring to what I posted.


it should be renamed to "the fox forum" :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, isn't Norway the litle country that collaborated with the Nazis, somehow escaped justice for its crimes, and now gets by with socialism because it happened to sit on a bunch of oil that the Americans drill for them?


Bible Study and Non-Issues.


Ah Jewbacca, your posts are refreshing, to the point and no bullshit.


Naw, DD...just some "tongue-in-cheek".

I've been pretty consistent that our problems are systemic and go deeper than the partisan bullshit we seem to come up with.

We've been whipped around with political ideology for so long, and especially the last three elections...and we STILL think some party or some certain ideology will "save us"?

Yep...I'm just about done with the left, right and everything in between.

A little humor helps me tolerate it all...



Thank you for my morning chuckle!


Damn, JB...remind me to never argue a political point with you! :)--!



actually i like this better lol


Heh! :slight_smile:

There's actually a grain of truth to what he's saying, so the only possible option must be to go full on tu coque. Isn't that how this works?


I hope you're kidding, you do understand you're talking to a Jew, right?


And keeping with the theme...

More on Obamas' Gay, Transvestite Nanny:

In no way am I trying to make a point....as usual.


God your awesome you should seriously try to get a Job at Fox news, they would love you.


What? No, not kidding at all.

Was just addressing the "over the top" nature of the post and the dialogue in general, really.

Are you referring to the rather shameful part of Norwegian history pertaining to deporting Jews during WW2? If so, rest assured that I'm totally and painfully aware of that.

Dunno what you're getting at here.


I have to agree, somewhat. At this point it's so well known any links just seem like overkill. He's the left's "Dubya."