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Renaissance of Training


I'm coming back after 3-4 months of almost complete break in training due to health related problems (not training related).

I've already done some light training (3 days per week) for about a month now. Now my plan is to take it up a notch which means that I'll start an 8 week long conditioning phase training 5 days per week.

The first 4 weeks will go according to the following schedule.

1. Hang power snatch
2. Back squat (high bar)
3. Leg press
4. Leg curls

1. Bench press (pinky on the ring)
2. Db rows
3A. Incline db bench
3B. Lat pulls (behind the neck)
4. Situps

1. Power clean (from blocks)
2. Military press
3A. Overhead tri extension (bb)
3B. Reverse grip curl

1. Front squat
2. Romanian deadlift
3. Shrugs (db)
4. Db side bends

1A. Pullups (weighted)
1B. Dips (weighted)
2A. Db shoulder press
2B. Seated rows


Monday 16.2.09
1. Hang power snatch 4x5x40kg
2. Back squat (high bar)3x8x70/80/85kg
3. Leg press 2x12 (narrow) + 1x20 (wide)
4. Leg curls 2x20

Tuesday 17.2.09
1. Bench press (pinky on the ring) 3x8x60/65/70kg
2. Db rows 2x12x41kg
3A. Incline db bench 2x15
3B. Lat pulls (behind the neck) 2x15
4. Situps 2x20


Ok this didn't quite start right... now I'm suffering from the annual influenza wave that always hits Finland right about this time of the year...fever is high...so I'll just have start over again once I'll get out of the bed.

Good time to do some reading though... thank god I have all the weightlifting texts in the world...


Today was the first day that I felt good enough to lift something. Started light of course...

  1. Hang power snatch 3x5x40
  2. Back squat (high bar) 3x8x60-70-80
  3. Romanian deadlift 3x10x80-100-110

Did a single set of chins for 15 reps...felt really light as
my bodyweight had dropped down to about 69 kg (about 2kg during the little over one week I was ill).


Today's training went like this.

  1. Bench press (pinky on the ring) 3x8x50-60-70
  2. Db rows 2x12x41
    3A. Incline bench db 2x15
    3B. Pulldown (behind the neck) 2x15

  1. Power clean (from the blocks) 3x6x55
  2. Front squat 3x6x70
    3A. Clean pulls 2x6x80
    3B. Shrugs 2x10x80


Yesterday training went like this.

1A. Chins 3x5x20
1B. Dips 3x10x20
2A. Behind the neck press 2x10
2B. Pullups (wide grip) 2x8


Missed training yesterday due to a gig but it was worth it as we were covering Hendrix.

  1. Hang power snatch 5x5x40
  2. Bench press (narrow) 3x5x70
  3. Back squat (high bar) 3x5x70-80-90
  4. Deadlift 3x5x110-130-150

  1. Power clean (from the blocks) 5x5x60
  2. Front squat 3x5x70-75-80
    3A. Clean pulls 3x6x80
    3B. Shrugs 3x12x80

  1. Push press 3x5x60
  2. Chins 3x5x25
  3. Dips 3x8x20-30-30

  1. Hang power snatch 5x5x40-45-45-45-40
  2. Back squat (high bar) 3x8x80-85-80
  3. Romanian deadlift 3x10x80-100-120


I've been set back by non training related medical stuff too bro-Good job making time for it again. I'll be following you to see how you progress. Keep it up


Thanks! Yeah it really sucks big time not being able to train...but makes you appreciate it even more when you can. Now things are going well again...hope to break some old PR's in the summer.

Today's training went like this.

  1. Bench press (pinky on the ring) 3x8x65-75-70
  2. Db rows 3x10x41-46-51
    3A. Incline db bench 3x12
    3B. Lat pulls (behind the neck) 3x12

Bodyweight has now gone back to around 71 kg.

  1. Power clean (from the blocks) 6x5x60-65-65-65-65-60
  2. Front squat 3x5x70-80-85
    3A. Clean pulls 2x5x90
    3B. Shrugs 2x10x90

  1. Dips 4x5x40-45-45-40
  2. Chins 5x5x30
  3. Behind the neck press 3x8

Couldn't remember that the plan was to do 3 sets of 5's in chinups... so no wonder the last sets felt pretty hard.

  1. Hang power snatch 7x5x40-45-45-45-45-45-40
  2. Back squat (high bar) 3x5x80-90-95
  3. Deadlift 4x5x100-120-140-160

  1. Bench press (narrow) 5x5x70-75-75-75-70
  2. Seated row (narrow) 3x10x75-85-95
    3A. Side laterals 2x15
    3B. Face pulls 2x20

  1. Power clean (from the blocks) 6x5x60-65-70-70-65-60
  2. Front squat 4x5x70-80-90-85
    3A. Clean pulls 3x5x90
    3B. Shrugs 3x10x90

  1. Push press 5x5x50-60-65-65-60
  2. Chins 3x5x15-25-35
  3. Dips 3x8x20-30-40

  1. Hang power snatch 5x2x50
  2. Back squat (high bar) 3x8x90
  3. Romanian deadlift 3x10x100-120-130