Renaissance Body Developer Program Critique

So I plan on following the Renaissance body program. My main goals are just to get super athletic and pack on muscle mass as well. The lifts I plan on using are; power clean, weighted hammer grip pull up, weighted dips and front squats. I like the “light medium heavy” format Bill Starr talked about, but I hate playing with percentages so I was thinking of doing: Monday; 3x5 Wednesday: 4x5 Friday: 5x5 and then next Monday adding 2.5-5 pounds. All 4 lifts are done each of those days. Plus doing 20x5 face pulls and 20x5 weighted eagle spread sit ups at the end of the strength session. What is your opinion on this program CT? For the 10 minute GPP I plan on doing a sandbag circuit of: sandbag clean, front squat and press and trying to get 100 perfect reps of each in 10 minutes and then going to a heavier sand bag.

My body as of now