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Renagade Strength Club

Anybody ever tried Jason’s renegade strength club plan,99 bucks for a year.
Curious if it would help a older guy progress?

I’ve been a member for nearly 7 years now and love it. I would recommend it, yes.

Any decent program and common sense along with effort will produce results in a older guy.

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Agreed. I’m not an older guy, but after “training” my father for a brief time, everything that a young guy would do with less volume and frequency depending on wear and tear of joints and such works fine. However, if you want to spend 99 a year on fitness, so be it.

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My question is what does this $99 year honestly include? I am guessing some canned program and probably granted access to some web site.

Pretty much nailed it on the Head!

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Just curious if it was like most of the stuff already out there,99 for a year or advise and plans,its no different than buying guys books or services from guys On here,i just liked his way of thinking,and liked his pod cast,he seems to relate more to the over 35 crowd were alot of others have you doing programs designed for 25 year old.

Never heard of it, but if you’re over 35 you should have an extra $99 to give it a try.

I know spending money on something motivates me to stick with it.

The Renegade Strength Club is run by Jason Ferruggia (who has contributed to TNation in the past) - the programs change every 90 days or so. For me personally - I don’t like to think about it - I simply grab my workout from RSC and head to the gym. There is a very active Forum/Meal Plans/Travel Workouts - a lot of great content.