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Removing Water Retention in Chest

hey guys, at the risk of sounding like a dumb ass, ill try to explain, my chest seems to hold water around my nipple area, i was wondering if using a supplement to get rid of that (i know that it is not something that would go away forever) maybe every day or every other day would be dangerous?


Could be mild gyno:

It’s a lot more common than you think.

i know what that is, if it is or isnt though, the supplement im using dries it out some, but if i stop taking it for awhile it comes right back, so would it be dangerous to stay out something like that every day or every other day? it one of those all natural herb supps, but it works.

Sounds like elevated estogen… would cause increased water retention and fat gain around the chest. Can also contribute to puffy nipples…

Rez-V or one of those testosterone boosting protocols from Poliquin should do the trick… failing that a trip to the steroid forum might be able to help you with some SERM’s and AI’s.