Removing Synthol?

I was catching up on my article reading today. When I see the guy pulling a truck with some bad synthol usage.

My question is, how would he get that stuff removed if he wanted too?

My thinking is a Dr would have to drain it with surgery or something like that?

I believe synthol provides only a temporary affect, so he would have to continue injecting it to remain the same. I could be wrong though :slight_smile:

The fascia stretching is permanent (Exhibit A, Greg Valentino). Not sure if it can be undone through surgery. I’m interested in seeing how these synthol freaks hold up at age 80. I’m thinking soiled-diaper-type sagging. Eewh.

So its like a bad tattoo even after the body absorbs it? It becomes perm cause of the stretching?

The human body is so adaptable, I’m not sure anything is absolute. I just don’t think you shrink back to normal once you stop.

Here is my 2 cents.

Of course your body will absorb the synthol over time. The muscle fascia will shrink MOSTLY back to its pre-synthol size, but will almost certainly lose some of its elasticity. Anyone else with real world experience?? (hopefully not on this site… :slight_smile: )