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Removing Egg Yolks


Whats the best way to remove yolks?

Every time I want to make some egg whites its a complete hassle. I have to carefully get each yolk out with a spoon, and if I mess up on that some of it remains in with the whites and it gets ruined.

I tried a funnel once but it didn't work, so is the spoon the only way?


Believe it or not, there is actually an egg white remover contraption. Or you could just buy egg whites that come in a carton in the dairy section.

Personally, I crack the egg (in the middle!) until I have two halves with the yolk in one half. I then begin to master my bartending mixing routine by transferring the yolk from one shell half to the other while the "white" falls into the bowl or the pan.

Was that as hard to read as it was to describe?



yeah thats right. there actually is an egg yolk seperater. you should be able to find it in the kitchen utensils section. nothing fancy schmansy, just a regular kitchen accessory. and yes they do sell just the whites in cartons like milk.


You have you never seen Julia Child in action? Crack all your eggs into a bowl, fish your yolks out with your hand. Easy as pie and totally foolproof.

It's very easy to lose valuable eggwhite if you use that "drop yolk from half-shell to half-shell" bs method.


Esiest is to crack the egg in the hand and let the eggwhith run through the fingers down the bowl.

Why separate the whith from the yolk? You throw away more than half the proteain and all the vitamins. Unless you have genetically high cholesterole there's no need avoiding the yolks. IMHO the calori-"good stuff" ratio is in your favor.


If for some reason you must seperate the yolk, just crack the egg carefully, so you have the shell in two halves, and most of the white will run out. Make sure you're not just cracking it and letting all the good stuff fall out. Then pour the half of the egg you have in one half of the shell into the other, allowing a little more of the white to run out. Doing this back and forth a time or two will get most of the white out, the yolk will be right there in one half of the egg shell, and you dont have to touch it with your hands.


Why are you throwing away a good yolk?


I concur with Mr. Moose, using your hands by far the best way to separate the yolk and on top of that it's free! And what is wrong with touching the egg with your hands?(Wash them first please.) IMHO the separation between food and ourselves is part of the reason for the epidemic of obesity in this country.(None of you T-Nation reading folks, you is alright.) We have lost connection with our food. It comes in a box or a wrapper and is flung out a window at us. If we as a society still had to dig up our own potatos and slaughter cows ourselves we would all be in better condition. The only way to know what you are really eating is to make it yourself. I tell all the pudgy people I know who ask me how to lose weight: If you can just unwrap and eat, probably you shouldn't. (Except Grow! Bars). Good for you making and touch your own damn food.


The best way for me is to just boil the eggs and the yolk just fall right out or buy the egg whites in a carton. I tried taking the yolk out with a spoon and I make a mess also. The yolk most of the time just bust before I can get all the egg out of the shell.


If you're trying to get in about 30-50 grams of protein, you'd need about 5-8 whole eggs. That would lead to 25-40 grams of fat in one meal, most of which is saturated fat. I think that's a good enough reason to separate the yolks.

I think it's easy enough to separate the yolk by juggling the yolk back and forth between the shell halves, and if you do it enough times, you shouldn't be leaving too much white behind. Then again, I still get the egg on my hand when I do this, so it might be a better idea to just take the yolk out with your hand...


I ate 8 whole eggs this morning. How soon before I die?


Don't worry, you won't die. Just like you wouldn't die after eating a whole pizza, cake or chips...


Eat the yolk you pussy. How do you figure it's mostly saturated? Eggs have roughly 4.5g fat per egg. 1.5 of os is saturated. Prof. X is right, you better dial 9-1 when you start eating, just in case.

Not eating enough fat, and sat. fat for that matter, lowers Test levels. Hence your pussiness.


You may want to take a closer look at this sentence. Most nutrition databases will list a large egg as having 5-6 grams of fat with only 1.5 to 2 grams of it being saturated fat.

You're point about total fat intake is still valid though. Personally I cook my eggs using a 1/1 ratio of whole eggs/egg whites. This keeps the total fat intake down somewhat, while keeping the quality of protein and the taste up.

Remember that the protein quality of the yolk is better than the protein in the white, while both proteins together are better than either one apart.


Eggs are such a pain in the ass, the yolks i do separate clog up my sink (i use half n half mix (10egg whites/5 yolks)), i separate by doing the old cocktail style using easch half of egg, bits of shell get stuck in the mixture, but they are one of earths wonder foods and i persist :wink:


From what I've read, the fat make up of egg yolks depends on what the chickens are fed.
Maybe it's not mostly saturated, but still more fat that I need in one meal. I usually leave 2 yolks with 6 whites and drink a protein shake with the meal.

LIL Cazzo, Why would I dial 9-1?
Who said I don't get enough fat in my diet? Have you been stalking me? I thought I saw you peeking in my bathroom window. I'll leave the curtains open wider next time, just for you.
Reach down to your gut and grab as big a handful of lard as you can. That's why I pay attention to the macronutrient ratios of my meals.

I think the real pussy is the one who hides behind computer screens calling others a pussy.

Damn it, I guess I'm guilty of that too now. Oh well, I feel better, and that's all that matters. Okay rant over.

(so brave behind the computer...)


All it takes is a little practice. Just don't try it after you have lifted and your hands are all swolen and shakey. That aside, whats the use in separation? You need that stuff.


You could just eat the whole egg.

They really aren't bad for you. And the yolk is important.

I don't do the egg white thing. I like to eat the whole egg (XL eggs) and usually cook up 4-7 for a meal. You've never had a good omlette until you've mixed up 5-7 XL eggs with mushrooms, tomato, spinach, avocado and cheese. M'm M'm good!!!!!


Why are you so concerned about the fat content? Are you afraid that the fat will make you fat?

It seems as though you may be misinformed about eggs and fat consumption. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and have a good amount of healthy fats.

I can't see the reason in following outdated practices of eating lots of egg whites with only 1 or 2 whole eggs. I think this started in the 80's with the low-fat diets and the bodybuilding magazines. You miss out on so many important vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat, etc.


WRONG! Read "The F..Word" by John Berardi on this site 5-30-05. There is more monounsaturated fat in an egg than saturated fat. Boy, the myths that circulate. Thanks for people like Dr. Berardi.

Since when is fat benn "bad"? After reading that article, I have actually increase my fat consumption. No more 2% milk and I'm replacing egg whites with whole eggs. Real cream in coffe is heavenly.

I even made my pancakes with cream instead of milk. Yummy.