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Removing body hair

What’s the best way for removing body hair on arms, chest, etc? What about the nads product? I did my arms today with a razor & it took awhile. I can’t imagine doing the legs!

When I was bike racing a lot, I shaved my legs all the time. Started with electric shears to get it fairly short, then did the whole thing in the shower with soap. Got to the point where I was just alternating days of lower legs/upper legs with just the wet razor. Use cheap Bics and change them often. After some practice it doesn’t take that long. But I wasn’t doing arms or chest, so I can’t offer anything there.

If you will do a search with the engine on this forum, this question has been answered several times. There is alot of good information here. I don’t recommend NADS if you have thick hair - even with fine hair it hurts like hell.

mach 3 and gell! I shave my head and NOTHING IS BETTER. also my girl orderd that nads stuff, it didn’t work so she sent it back (as per there “money back gaurantee”) what do you think happend? yup, they gave her the run-around for like 5 phone calls then told her “we never got it so you don’t get a refund”, great company hu!!!

Speaking of removing hair, does anyone know any good products for removing pubic hair, besides using razors?