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Remove All Pushing from Corrective Routine

The articles on here have been excellent in teaching me how to correct kyphosis / upper cross syndrome, overhead issues and impingement etc in my students.

The question I have is this; if I have a student who cannot lift overhead because of impingement and has some kyphosis and rounded shoulders, should I stop doing all forms of pushing movements and anterior deltoid work? He is a rugby player, so obviously needs some pushing strength.

The only exercise that springs to mind is to use press ups because of their use in many corrective exercise programs


there’s no need to drop ALL pushing exercises. Drop the overhead press, and the barbell bench, but he’s fine doing a dumbell bench press with a neutral grip so long as it doesn’t cause any pain.

If this was a client of mine I would work on correcting the situation with a proper assessment of imbalances and start the rehab while doing pressing exercises with a reduced work load and teaching proper form.