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Remi Gaillard


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXsY2r1_9C0&feature=channelmy housemates just introduced me to this rather funny french chap... thought this needed to be posted here.

another one of his sketches/pranks!


This is my favourite of his


Is this the guy with crazy soccer shots? and the kangaroo and bat suit thing? Hrm, BRB youtube...


I flappin' love this one.


2:40 is so much win.


Pro talent...


This guy needs to be shot.

He's a fucking asshole.

I don't understand how this shit is funny. He's only harrassing people, and when he does encounter someone who wants to confront him he runs like the little bitch that he is.


As if man, I know sometimes he takes shit too far... But I'm sure he's had his ass handed to him and/or arrested plenty of times to make up for it.

People are too uptight these days, even though I might react differently if it happened to me personally :stuck_out_tongue: