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Remembering Where I Started

I’m not totally sure why I felt the need to post this, but I wanted to share an experience that I had yesterday.

I have been training for a while and 'tho I’m by no means a monster, I am certainly above average compared to many in my gym.

Usually when I work out I simply crank the tunes and zone out everything except the weight on the bar. For whatever reason yesterday, I was resting between sets and started scanning around the gym.

I notice some skinny young kid doing half-rep bench presses with 115 on the bar and catch myself sneering my nose and mentally dissing this kid as being weak, skinny, not having a fucking clue etc…

Then it hit me…

Who the fuck am I to look down my nose at this kid? He was probably about 18 or 19, which is the same age that I started. I also reminded myself that I start off only benching 95 lbs. I’m sure I looked just as weak, skinny and clueless when I began, so why am I looking down on some kid who is now where I once was?

I think putting in your time, being consistent and getting results allows us to occasionally poke fun in a good natured way (I love the squat-rack curls thread). I just don’t want to catch myself forgetting where I started and looking down on someone new, just for being new.

Someone who’s been training for years and is still skinny, weak and clueless, well they’re fair game!

I was 19 years old and working out in the college fitness center and remember when I could finally work with 135 on the bench. Damn I was happy cause it was damn embaressing to have to strip the bar down completely when it was time for my set and I was “working in”. Props to the kid for working, since it’s that or stay skinny and weak.

Word man. I’m 19 now but I’ve been lifting for quite a few years and am by no means a mass monster or a beast when it comes to my poundages. Nonetheless, I know maybe a couple of other kids my age who have approached my level. When I see a really big buy or someone quite strong lifting in the gym, I’ll generally steal a few glances in their direction, but it’s to look right past the skinny or fat guys training.

Not that we should take the time to stare at everyone in the gym, but I agree…it’s good to remember where you came from and who you once were (corny alert) because deep down you really are that same person. You’ll be a better, happier person for remembering and taking the time out to offer a little help occasionally.

I see people staring at me now in the gym and realize that the 15 year old version would be staring too and damn would I want to be acknowledged by “the big guy” or at least not treated like fish bait.

Good post.


Ok, I started training about 2 years ago when I was 44. So I was fat, skinny, clueless AND 44. How’s that ??? :wink:

Anyway, I’m much stronger now, leaned out quite a bit (still to fat though) and no longer completely clueless.

I train in a small gym with a wide range of people training there, from the standard cardio chick, to the standard breast and arms only youngsters. The moment you do the big movements and train regularly for over half a year, you’re accepted by the big guys into their “hardcore” gang. So there I was, an old skinny fat fart, squating with an empty bar and making fun with the big guys. You know you’re “in” when you’re asked to spot for them.

And I was there this week when some youngsters were yelled at by the owner for throwing around db’s after their db benchpress. Hey, just like Coleman does in his video’s.

But you’re right, it’s good to know where you came from.

when i started two years ago at the age of 18 i was 6 ft and 60kg im now 6ft and 82 kg and still quite lean not as massive but still workin on it the other day i was quite proud of myself for doing 60kgs on the bench for reps then later on in my workout i saw another guy load up the bar for me it was incentive an imaginary competition thsat i have where i gonna lift more than him be it in a few months or when he finishes training p.s my gym so good im the only one thats does geaglifts and on of a few that does squats