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Remembering the advent of anabolics in Track & Field in the 80's

This made me smile-
An excerpt from Charlie Francis’s book “Speed Trap” talking about the unlimited amount of steroid use by the Eastern Block countries in the mid-80’s that literally blew the West away:

(At a dual meet between the USA/Canada and GDR): "At one afternoon practice, a paunchy shot putter named Marty Calano padded out onto the track, his training bag stuffed with roast beef sandwiches and a thermos of cappuccino. He unzipped his bag, set up his picnic, then took out his shot and began to warm up.

“Then Slupianek (a GDR female champion shotputter) arrived. Without so much as a stretch she picked up a 16lb men’s shot (nearly twice the weight of the women’s model), and threw it 17 metres- a distance Marty might reach on a good day. The Canadian watched silently for a moment, then picked up his sandwiches, zipped up his bag, and walked off the field…”.

Moustaches and rubbing thighs, dancing hippos from Fantasia. Oh yes, I remember!..

is this the SRS that is known for the unbelievably long and informative nutrition posts? if so good to see you back bro.

btw i have no clue what this thread is about, im lost.

'Tis me.
Yup I’m back (well I’ve never been away, just too busy with work to post recently). Thanks for the props!

Sorry, no real in depth meaning to the post, it just amused me. Hope to be around a bit more for a while,

I checked out a few photos of Slupianek, she definitely represents the kind of work GDR did in making their athletes excel.

It’s an interesting story, the one of GDR and Olympic athletics during it’s prime. Are there any other books out there concerning this topic?