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Remembering Supplements of the Past


Lets say late 90s and before - any old favourites, any hyped up that turned out to be nothing?

I remember the old mega mass 2000 from 20 years ago, I was underweight, doing the wrong routine but gaining a bit then getting too lean and stringy so I tried mega mass (rather than eating more, lol) it tasted sugary and mixed with whole milk it was very filling, so filling I probably just reduced cals elsewhere from the bloated full up feeling as I never did gain 'mega mass'

And I think it was pretty much milk protein and various sugars too, still kind of tasty at the time

I also recall some colostrum type thing, did nothing....
Only had the mags back then!

Your memories? Faves and not so faves


Boron.... ugh


Hot Suff..... That was amazing...... Not

Cybergenics, the original system.....

Man, so many memories. Weider was the only game in town when I started....

And Mega Mass 2000??? In my days, it was 10 000. You had to get a cement mixer and a shovel to mix that thing. But Lou Ferrigno lost weight on that. Pictures to prove it too.....


Smilax, the holy grail of muscle supplimentation, circa 1990.


Cybergenics..... Oh I remember those adds

And hot stuff too, I'm sure I tried that one!

Boron, lol at all those single mineral type things; chromium picolinate anyone?

I just remembered some mega mass competitor with a 3000 cal version, can't remember the name but it was delicious... Golden era for weight gainers!


Great topic, was talking about this to a group of students just the other day

Let's go back even further

How about the original arginine and orthinine amino acid mixtures for "Fat burning while you sleep!" There is a clinical study to show they "worked" but required you to take 3/4 of the bottle to get the equivalent dose and didn't mention that the study used an IV infusion of the mixture.

Who remembers Gamma Oryzanol (GO) and Ferulic Acid (FRAC)? The next greatest thing for building muscle.

There weight gainer made by a company called Purepower in the early 90's called Huge. A great tasting chocolate concoction probably from all the sugar.

Then there's all the Weeeeeeider Protein powders some of which looked like the cat's litter tray and tasted much the same as well

The "Metabolic Optimisers" Metabolol and Metabolol II (still available I see), had a client who swore by the benefits from it. I can still see all the sugar glistening in the powder.

Anywho off to the gym now, just finished mixing up my Plazma and MAG-10 bottles, how will these be seen in 20 years time.


GNC own brand whey 'blend' from about 15 years ago, -on a par with eating street food in India -would strip and rape your stomach within 20 mins of consumption.


Some of those old protein powders were awful!

Was it hot stuff or something else that allegedly had some roids in them? Was that just a rumour or a clever ploy to sell it? I can't quite recall

Ah, the 'good' old days!


Agreed some of the old stuff tasted awful.

I remember my first Mass Protein came in a plastic bucket. I think it was so that I can puke back in to the bucket when I drank that nasty stuff.


Going back a bit further; brewers yeast and liver tablets, glandulars (dried bulls testes!) all a bit 1960s, I think vince gironda rated them

Oh and vanadyl sulphate! There's an old name I remember from the mags, along with any number of 'plant sterols'


Just remembered more...

When everything twinlabs ended with 'fuel'
Liquid aminos
Ultimate orange
Beef protein (powder?)
Chewable amino tabs that were like lumps of chalk!


Pyruvate... the alleged ultimate fat burner.

HMB - "feels like I was on Deca..." - Bill Phillips.


Maybe it meant sexual dysfunction caused by progesterone !


Ultimate Orange is back.

Go to there web site and you will probably want to take a shower after....

Beef Protein powder is also back. No, haven't tried it.

Vince had his athletes take desiccated liver every hour.

In the '50, choline and Inositol where the fat burners of the day.

Hell, Im old enough to remember the grapefruit diet.

There was also this fat burning cream (cant remember name). Just slatter it and watch the fat ooze out.... It had a heat component to it, made you sweat (recommended for full body) and they called it fat burning.....


Interesting to see a couple of them coming back, weird website to promote UO too!


There was a supplement around '94-95 from Zoe Labs called DCP that I took and it seemed to melt off fat for me. Now there's a DCP but I don't think it's the same. I remember they were plain white round tablets that you could tell weren't manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility lol. I would love to know what was in those tablets.


I remember trying a Wieder mass gainer about 20 years ago, thinking it would get me muscles (I had no idea at the time that you also had to lift weights). It was supposed to be chocolate, but tasted like battery acid; I think it sat in the cupboard untouched for the next 5 years before eventually being thrown out.


I wonder which one that was, i always thought mega mass was ok tasting but remember seeing some others from weider that i never bought. strange to think that it seemed 'modern' back then but there was a time not too far back with no whey and no creatine!


Biotest Ribose-C "muscle energy formula"


Best fat burner I ever used was Biotest MD-6

Great stuff!


That reminds me I think there was a supp actually called "great stuff" too! A protein powder I think