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Remembering New Orleans

Katrina passed two months ago and New Orleans and Louisianna is making a lot of headway. Much remains however.

Many volunteers are still here making a huge humanitarian effort. Sadly many people are still being fed in canteens. Power outside of the city is not restored in many parishes. Same for other basic services.

One of the many problems the city is experiencing in the recovery is the shortage of workers. My company is from out of town and only recently secured hotel rooms. We lived in work camps. So many left and stayed where they went that an employment shortage exists. There is no place for the local people to live if they did come back. Many commute to Baton Rouge each day by bus. It’s a hard life down here right now. The homes they had were destoyed or are not habitable any longer.

I will post some pics that I took after the flood waters receded.

This house shows a quadrant marking. It shows the date it was searched, who did it and fortunately a zero signifying no people were found dead inside.

(having trouble with the pics…I’ll post as soon as I can)

This house was checked when the water was high via boat and marked on the eve. Checked again on foot when the water came down.

Where in the city are you working? I have tons of pics of my house and other places I went.

It sucks living here right now. Traffic conditions, the large amounts of trash, isolation from doing the things you used to do and just the general atmosphere here, sucks! I’ll quit ranting, however this place is getting to me in a bad way.


That I-10 is a parking lot these days.

The traffic in the city is a leap of faith wondering if people will stop or even see the temporary stop signs.

I’m going home tomorrow for two weeks to try and shake my “Katrina Cough”.