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Remembering Jimmy Carter


WTF is wrong with you Obama supporters? Jimmy Carter had a lib Congress and just about destroyed the country. Do you guys know any of this?

At least Carter was a Naval Officer, not some Kenyan-born terrorist ass-kisser! Jesus, I can't believe Americans are actually going to vote for this inexperienced eloquent talking head! Pelosi and Reid will eat him alive, and then there won't be much left for Achmadinah-jihad and that 'scum-looking-for-a-bullet' Chavez.

Jesus H. Christ, people, wake the fuck up!!!! Damn, you folks would actually vote for this creature? Damn!!!

(Who is John Galt?)


Poor HH. Sounds like you are getting a bit stressed out man. Still at least you are trying to do something about it, although spouting off on a message board with boring troll attempts and lies is probably not going to have too much effect come polling day but whatever helps you sleep at night.

John Galt? Isn't he the guy that killed Laura Palmer?


Jimmy Carter has probably done more for his country post-oval office than any other recent president. So even if you're right and Obama fails miserably as our next president, there's still hope.

P.S. You're not right.

P.S.S. I'm voting for Obama in 3 hours.


I thought that Texans weren't allowed to vote blue.


We can vote, our votes just don't count :frowning:


If we had followed Carter's proposed energy program, we wouldn't be in this foreign oil/war mess.

We can thank Reagan for fucking THAT up.


Well, I can understand why a gay person would vote for Obama. That's a given. Especially after Obama's night with Larry Sinclair.

Talking to Obama supporters is like arguing with those who refuse to accept that 2 + 2 makes 4.

You can't cut taxes for 95% of people and raise spending by one trillion dollars. You can't pass a windfall profits tax on oil companies if the price of oil has collapsed. You shouldn't raise ANYONE'S taxes in a collapsing economy.

The economy is collapsing IN ANTICIPATION of this guy's election. He has no experience. He has a questionable history. The only thing he's managed to do is line Tony Rezko's pockets. And yet you folks vote for him...

In a way, I hope he wins. Then when the whole things comes tumbling down, you'll have no one to blame but yourselves. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Kinda like the Bush disaster is your fault, and you have nobody to blame but yourself? ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


I don't think much of Jimmy Carter (though Bush will beat him in the worst president ranks), but you'll get a different perspective on him and do at least a bit of a rethink if you read some of Andrew Bacevich's work.


Carter is an idiot who has made this world very unsafe through his incompetant leadership as president and his meddling in world events after he left the white house.

Obama's main foreign policyt advisor is Carters secretarty of state Zbignew Brzynski.

Obama talks about a McCain presidency being like a third Bush term, McCain needs to point out that an Obama presidency will be like a second term for Carter.

The one bright spot in the race is this. Obama is way outspending McCain yet he still is barely getting the edge in opinion polls. It shows that a lot of people see through Obama and are not taken in by the hype.


Way to provide absolutly zero to the discussion. Why don't you start your own Bush derangment thread and quit poluting every single thread you participate in with shit that is completely irrelavent to the discussion.


a) He was making a direct response to a specific comment made by HH (who by the way started the thread) so how is that irrelevant?

b)How did your post add to the discussion?

c) This thread was started by infamous troll HH and therefore is designed to attract responses regardless of the title.

e) What happened to d)?

d) oh there it is!

f) unbunch your knickers pantyboy.


I feel the same way. But I believe that no matter how bad things get under an Obama/Reid/Pelsoi administration, Bush and the Republicans will be blamed for it all anyway. I think the dems are banking on this. They know how guillible the average American is, and Bush Derangement Syndrome is so prevalent in this country..........

There was an ad running here in MI after the last governors election by the MI Republican committee, after that moron Granholm won, and she decided to raise taxes again, the ads went something like "We at the Michigan Republican committee hate to say we told you so......... But we told you so."

It will be fun to say that to everyone in a year or so.


Carter was in office when the whole "lets give mortgages to poor people" thing started. As most of you know that's a big part of why we're in trouble now. And if that wasnt bad enough why dont you find out how high taxes were back then.


What GCF said. I find it hypocritical for someone to say "I hope Obama wins so I can blame you when he fails miserably" when that same person apparently voted for Bush. Bush has already failed miserably, and has dismal approval ratings placing him among the least popular presidents in U.S. history:



What has he done for us?


He builds houses for poor minorities. He sides against the US at every opportunity. And he has to live with the fact that he allowed radical islamic terrorism to flourish while his sorry fucking chicken shit worthless piece of shit ass had fucking fire side chats to tell us how we should deal with 15% unemployment and 20% interest rates.

All in all - the new baby jesus will be Carter II - except hussein will be a different kind of racist.


Sounds like Chavez...


Yeah, but at 21% nobody could get mortgages, so they didn't really consider it a problem.


Really, like his wholesale support for Hamas, Hizbolah and Venezuela? Or was it the releasing the names of CIA operatives operating around the world so they were instantly found and killed? Or was it double digit inflation, astronomical inflation, etc...His stupidities are really just to many to number. The man should be hung for treason.