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Remembering 9/11


A day we should never forget, but also one that we should use to motivate us to serve others, support those that stand by our side, and show open gratitude for the men and women that have and will continue to put the well being, safety, and lives of others ahead of their own.

In remembrance of all those lost
In great thanks to all those who served, continue to serve, and will serve
In support, both past present and future, of this amazing nation.

Let's stand united.


I would hope that anybody and everybody posts whatever they want in regards to remembering this day and those connected with it. I know many have personal connections to this, and it would be great to hear those stories, and thank those involved.








just a quick FYI for anyone wanting to get around lower Manhattan today. there is a TON of security around ground zero and st. pat's cathedral. there were six police officers standing at the GWB tolls and there's never anyone there even on the busiest days of the week. the security presence today is heavy.


Are there a ton of people out already for memorials and ceremonies?


Last night at the Gator game in the Swamp, they did a bunch of different stuff in honor of 9/11, as I'm sure they did at pretty much every college football game last night, and they will today at every NFL game. They did the moment of silence thing, had a chorus sing "God Bless America," showed a video on the big screens, and then they brought out representatives from all of the local first responder organizations. I'm not a crier, but I came pretty close.




That's awesome.

It should be great to see what the NFL does today, both teams and players alike, to honor this day.


I bet $5 that RV is a Truther.


Full flag helmets would be sick

Im surprised the Pats havent done anything like that yet


idk I only heard on the radio this morning that it wasn't open to the public.


To all the families that have lost their loved ones on that fateful day I will hold you in my prayers, to all the friends that I have lost you will always be with me in my heart...I will never forget the joy you have given me.


The official memorial site opens tomorrow.

Still tons of people milling around downtown, though.



My condolences go out to all the families who lost someone that day.

Good thread WC... I knew there was a reason that I liked you


The tributes before all of the NFL games so far have been awesomely powerful. Makes me damn proud to be a citizen of this country.


Anyone who comes into this thread with that truther bullshit, I swear to God I will rip your god damn arm off and beat you to death with it.


'Hard to believe' is an odd way to say it because clearly the calendar says so... but it really is hard to believe it's been a decade already. Fucking sophomore year in HS, sitting in assorted classrooms doing nothing but watch all of it go down live, all day.

I heard an interview with a firefighter on a radio show this week(caught it late so didn't catch his name) and I honestly had to pull over to collect myself for a moment because of how powerful his testimony of the events were. I feel absolutely no pride in having been alive to witness such an event, only pride in the way things have occurred after. USA.


My friend worked for the Port Authority at the time as an electrical engineer and was scheduled to be at the WTC that day. He slept through his alarm that day. We didn't know his whereabouts for 3 days.

Thank you to all those who run into danger to save lives every day. Thank you to those in uniform who protect us every day. Thank you to their families for giving us your fathers/brothers/husbands/sons/daughters/wives/mothers/sisters who sacrifice for us every day. We would not be the country we are today if it weren't for you and all before you.


I was in 7th grade math class, i remember all the teachers not knowing what to do, and what ensued about if we were going to watch it or not. given our age and all