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Remembering 9/11

So its been 7 years and I dont think anyone will ever forget where they where when they found out that the World Trade Center had been attacked.

I was a Junior in High school in weight training class of all places. Our coach came in and told us all to shut the hell up and he turned on the TV.

Im not a person that prays that often but I will be doing some today.

Pretty wild, I just looked at my watch and it was 9:11 (

I was just starting grade 9. My mom is a flight attendant, and her flight was schedualed to leave that morning. For 2 hours, untill we finally got a call from her I was a wreck and a half, spazzing at my teachers when they told me to take off my headphones cuz I was trying to find out where the planes came from.

Yeah,I remember every detail of that day…I had just gotten home from my night shift at the prison…so damn tired…I turned on TV…fell asleep…and woke up to the footage. What an image(and day) to wake up to. My prayers to all who lost loved ones.

I remember being at work that day. Felt numb. Like it wasn’t real.

I too pray for those who lost loved ones that day.

Don’t forget the heroes from that day either.

[quote]jbumgarner wrote:
I remember being at work that day. Felt numb. Like it wasn’t real.[/quote]

I took me a few days to realize that shit really happened…finally sunk in when I just happen to see footage of people jumping from building.

I cant wait to look out at the NY sky line and see this

I was a sophomore in high school. It was a Tuesday morning. Around 9-10am when the teacher acted funny. When they eventually told us, I don’t think anyone fully understood what happened. I know I didn’t.

I think I saw video footage when I got home. It was surreal.

In memoriam of 9/11/01.

Freshman year of college. Came back to the dorm from class to see all my buddies huddled around the TV trying to figure out why we couldn’t see the other tower (it had already fallen). That was the only time in my college career that they canceled classes.

We were reading our current event articles in sixth grade social studies class. I couldn’t help but wonder at the topical relevance of the situation.

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
…finally sunk in when I just happen to see footage of people jumping from building.[/quote]

I agree… I was reading a thread the other day about intense movie scenes. Nothing in any movie I’ve seen or heard of can compare to that IMO.

[quote]Himora22 wrote:
I cant wait to look out at the NY sky line and see this[/quote]


I was heading out the door to go to work. I was about to turn off the TV, and they said that it appeared that a small plane had struck one of the towers.

They were talking about it, when the second plane hit. It was weird to watch the change in the tone of the talking heads as the second plane struck. It went from, “what kind of idiot would fly his plane into the WTC?” to “This is an attack”.

I didn’t turn off the TV for 2 days.

We live in the middle of no where. The only planes we usually see are really nothing more than vapor trails 35,000 feet in the air. But after they grounded all the flights that day, it sent a chill down my spine as I watched a military plane flying eerily close to the ground.

I sincerely hope this thread does not devolve into a political sniping contest.

I also hope that no one will ever forget where they were, what they were doing, and how much those few minutes on a Tuesday morning in September 2001 changed their lives.

I was in my morning English class as a senior in high school. The American history teacher came in, said the WTC and Pentagon were on fire. I thought, “okay, put them out.” I had no concept of the actual event.

Went to my advanced algebra class, and the teacher had tv out tund to CNN. The shot was of a single tower, and then a voice-over saying, “and again, an apparently directed crash has occurred on the second world trade tower, and this is that startling footage.” Two seconds later, I see what looks like a toy plane poke a hole in one side of the tower, then the most surreal fireball explode from the other side. I realized I will never know how many deaths I just watched.

I was in the middle of Management 101 sophomore year. A campus police officer came in and told us to evacuate because “the Pentagon has been bombed”. The Air Force base that scrambled the first jets to Ground Zero was 3 minutes from my school, so they were on high alert and telling people to go to their homes.

Its kind of funny, a few years later after I graduated I would end up enlisting into a unit on that same base.
It truly is the defining moment of my generation. My thoughts go out to all of the families affected on that day and every day since.

Doing a bike workout in my living room with my girlfriend watching the first tower smoke. With a few minutes left we saw the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower and both thought oh no. I got ready for work and headed out the door. (we lived in LA) My GF said I should not go but it was a new job and I wanted to make a good impression.

Driving up the 110 freeway she called me and said the first tower collapsed. That is when it hit me. How could something I have known so well and lived only a few blocks away from fall down? I turned the car around and stayed in front of the television for the next 2 days.

I wept.

I am sitting in an office building right now just a block from Grand Central station with a lump in my throat as I type.

To the men and women who lost their lives that day it is with sadness and pride we remember you.

I was a junior in college. I was in a sociology class and the professor was discussing how the US domination of the world would upset the lunatic fringe in foreign countries one day, which would result in an attack. It was a crazy coincidence that the attacks happened during our discussion of the topic.

I went to the student center after class and saw the news. We were all just stunned.

All flights were grounded, but Air Force One flew over Omaha later that day on its way to Offutt Air Force Base so Bush could be at the USSTRATCOM. It was really strange to see a plane in the air. Also, the effing thing was huge and it wasn’t very high.

i was watching morning tv like a lazy student. when all the bbc and itv channels switched to their newsrooms. presenters id never seen before telling me about the planes. this was after the first one. i think i watched the first one in real time.

bad times.
brought back a lot of bad memorys of terroisim

My thoughts are with the departed today. I can only imagine the pain of that day.

Never forgotten!

[quote]Himora22 wrote:
I cant wait to look out at the NY sky line and see this[/quote]

It’s going to be a while, if it ever gets built. The in-fighting between all of the self-interest groups and politicians is making it look less likely each week that it will be built.

I am reminded of 9/11 every day, from the 2 huge pieces of WTC steel at the county 9/11 memorial just down the street from my house to the view down 5th avenue from my office that used to contain the twin towers that are no longer there. Whenever I come out of the subway on a day with absolutely perfect weather, I think of 9/11.


I bunked school that day and slept in. My mom woke me up saying that a plane has flown into the one tower. I thought what?

So I went downstairs and when I saw the 2nd plane hit I just got this cold chill thinking what the fuck is going on here.

Agree with Rainjack here - all you conspiracy fuckers keep your shit out of here.