Remember Where the Modern Term Gender Came From

Gay people did want to destroy the institution of marriage
Pornographers did want to destroy your children’s minds
Hollywood did want to destroy the traditional society we inhabit…

And people telling you they want to mutilate your child and inject him with hormones are pedophiles, psychopaths and evil and they do want to destroy all concept of morality and decency.

Yet many even had so called traditional marriages.

Pornographers wanted to make money. Marketing to children would make none.

All of those westerns prove that.

Gay marriage can’t be traditional by default and also no, gay married people are having 8somes while married. The amount of gay married men only shagging their partner is astronomically low.

Pornography has always been consumed primarily by children and those just out of childhood. Have you seen statistics for how many children watch porn before they are 10? It is insane.

Western society has collapsed to the point dragshow story time doesn’t cause lynchmobs. That isn’t a society worth defending. Mind control isn’t people m aking us into robots through hypnosis, it is normalizing every sexual and moral depravity through consumption of it through media for 5 decades. It worked.

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So are straight married people

Any data to back this up? I’ve not done any large scale research on this, because it seems a really dumb thing to worry about, but in my experience gay people are about as likely as straight people to cheat.

To clarify: what do you mean by children? Do you mean porn is specifically designed with the under 10s in mind? Or do you mean that porn is often consumed by horny teenagers?

Why would it cause lynchmobs? That seems like an absolutely insane reaction to people dressing up in silly clothes.

Well I can’t say I saw this character arc coming from you, Greenboy, but here it is.


1.No they are not.

  1. This is widely accepted within gay culture

"It has been suggested that gay male relationships typically go through predictable stages in which an initial “honeymoon” of sexual exclusivity is inevitably followed by a change to openness. Only 20% of our couples followed this pattern, however. The remaining 80% showed diverse patterns such as continued exclusivity throughout the relationship or a change from initial openness to sexual exclusivity. Men’s reasons for having an open or closed relationship were diverse. Personal attitudes and values about the merits of exclusivity were an important factor. Men in open relationships also emphasized the benefits of sexual variety and personal independence. Men in closed relationships stressed their desire to avoid jealousy. Although partners’ agreements about whether their relationship should be open or closed had a significant effect on their actual sexual behavior, some discrepancies were found. Most men in closed relationships had had at least one outside sexual liaison, although they reported having many fewer sex partners than men in open relationships."

  1. Porn is purposefully made easily accessible and advertising is purposefully made attractive to young male minds, flashing, light sequences etc. The same strategies used in sweets and soda adverts.

  2. Only a thoroughly deracinated and atomized society would go, actually no, exposing children to drag queens’ and other assorted freaks is good and positive.

Good argument, i see i’m engaged in discussion with an intellectual here. Let me see if i can reach your level of rigour here:

“Are too, nenurh nenurh”

And straight culture.

Look dude, i know you think gay people are icky, but lets not pretend that cheating and group sex is a “gay” thing. It’s a “people” thing. And quoting “studies” with a sample size of 40 isn’t convincing anyone of anything.

You’re right, it’s the flashing lights that make teenage boys flock to pornhub. Nothing to do with the naked women, obviously. I notice you completely failed to answer my question, by the way.

Damn, someone broke out the thesauraus for this one. Entertain me: why is media containing people dressing up in silly clothes more harmful to children than every film you have in your film collection? Apart from because you find it icky?

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It get’s better, he also believes individual rights are a terrible thing, and that women are property for us Alpha Malez to do what we want with.

^check The Dating Thread if you want to tag along


Sounds like a stand up guy.

I think it might be time to check myself back out of PWI.

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There are other threads much more worth participating in than this one. Avoid anything by Castoli and this fool, and you’ll likely have a good (dare I say ‘productive’?) conversation.

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I’m sure many did and still do, but not all, …most?

I dunno, that remains a mystery, and it doesn’t really matter. Beware not to stare too deep into the abyss lest you too fall in and become yet another that caught t3hgay

I tend to disagree strongly with most posters here, so i really have to be in a receptive mood for PWI. Otherwise it just decends into internet arguments and no-one wins.

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I think the only benefit that comes about from PWI discussions is the opportunity to explain, defend and re-evaluate one’s opinions. If one is unable to defend their position, then it’s a rare opportunity for that person to find more reasonable ground to stand on.

I have a few very right-leaning opinions that wouldn’t sit well with most posters here, but having conversations about things in that realm has allowed me the chance to evaluate those opinions and ditch some that weren’t reasonable. I find this to be a good thing for me, and a good thing for a civilized society. YMMV

What I’m getting at, is if you strongly disagree with almost everyone, then you either have secret knowledge or may want to re-evaluate your opinions. They may change, or they may not - but not one of us is ever right 100% of the time.


I think we’re coming at this from different angles, but largely in agreement. I like to use PWI to explore viewpoints that i disagree with to figure out why smart people believe things that i think are silly. I’m not really that interested in changing their mind, i’m more interested in understanding it.

Although sometimes i just come here to laugh at the loons, see exhibit A above.


This is key. Just because someone loses an argument (debate) doesn’t mean they have to change their opinion, but it does allow them to introspectively evaluate it again. If nothing else, you at least understand (hopefully) why people believe what they believe - which helps tremendously in healing a breaking nation.

Liberals aren’t all fiscally irresponsible morons who want every child to be a gender fluid tetrahedron, but understanding their view points helps me not see them this way.
Conservatives aren’t all white, religious, par militaristic zealots with a Buddha-Trump statue they rub every morning, but understanding us can help us not be seen this way too.

Or we can just keep balling up piles of poo so we can throw them at each other :joy:

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I’m convinced. I’m also envious of gay men.

“Joined 6 hours ago”


I’m sure this will lead to intelligent and productive discourse.


You should learn about philosophy. I said in that threar I oppose redpill and PUA stuff as the liberal degenerate other side of the coin as feminism. Also Alpha is a dumb term that is based on research that the person who conducted it later came out and said was wrong.

The fact you think being against philosophical liberalism makes you some red pill idiot is just highlighting that you can’t even fathom an opposing idea to those you yourself imbibed. Most of the planet and most humans throughout history opposed philosophical liberalism. If I oppose Marxism that doesn’t necessitate I am a fascist. Please learn what a fallacy is.

“It is said that what is called “the spirit of an age” is something to which one cannot return. That this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world’s coming to an end. For this reason, although one would like to change today’s world back to the spirit of one hundred years or more ago, it cannot be done. Thus it is important to make the best out of every generation.”

It’s another word for penis.