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remember when & what have you learned?

I don?t post too often, but I?ve been around a long time. Off the top of my head let me give you a little oral history of my remembrances from the forum. When I first discovered the forum I had been reading Testosterone for about a year! Poliquin was writing an, almost, weekly column. Timbo was a KID, the dude was ripped but looked like your science classroom skeleton. He was on the forum couch getting counseled about not worrying about putting on some fat to gain muscle. Now he is bigger and is a nutrition expert. I remember Nate Dogg, prior to his nipple piercing. The dude was and now is the forum scribe. He?s got vast stores of knowledge and a great memory. I remember Nate got a new girlfriend and dropped out of site for a while (I still want to know what was going on). I remember Jason, the nazi and how the forum kicked his ass. I remember getting bored with non training issues and along comes Kato and Coach Davies to shake stuff up. The style of the forum changed, then changed again. I remember the emergence of Joel Marion (and I thought, who the hell is this kid) and over time he won me over and now I read everything he writes. Kelly Bagget began giving great advise. Patricia and Ko came on the scene and added their expertise. Grant Hanson , was one of us. Mike Maher, one of us, and was way into hindu squats and body weight exercises, transitioned into the KB guru. JB was a regular contributor, at one time. And I didn?t know one tenth of the shit I know now. So what cool little tips have you learned. For me, to start it off: to avoid fish burps during the day I take the majority of my fish oil caps with my bedtime meal of cottage cheese and whey. I use vitex (cheap). I use BCAA?s prior to HITT training. I?m not afraid of ?energy system? work. Add your memories and tips you learned from the forum.

When Joel showed up, I was definetly one who thought, “Who is this cocky, skinny little fuck?”. Especially after seeing his pictures on the BFL site. I admit that I was completely wrong about him (although he is cocky). For someone like me who lifts for a hobby/stress relief, it was amazing to watch someone dedicate themselves so completely to learning and sharing everything they possibly could about nutrition/lifting.