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Remember That Kid Who Didn't Get His Diploma


Because he blew a kiss to his family. This outraged 4chan and as we speak they have gotten the principle's personal information and are using it to order pizza and porn, sign up for missionary visits and whole bunch of other stuff. It's insane.


fairly standard procedure

Miley Cyrus is also being handled.


That's terrific. no more than the jerk off deserves.


yea, that's not gonna backfire at all

but on the off chance it doesnt can you order me some Animal Test? I'm gettin low and ya know I cant rip stop signs outta the ground without my T maxxed the fuck out






that principle needs to fired.


Shes another stiff power tripping idiot. How about just turning a blind eye to an insignificant gesture of a child for Gods sake. If something like that happened to my Sons i would be up there causing a stir and getting arrested lol. Id give my sons a graduation to remember and that idiot principal too. If my son Streaked or something i could understand, but for this? common.


The principal needs to be fired.


sadly, that's not the only time principal was misspelled in this thread ...


haha I know right...it's princepil. everyone needs to read a diktionary


stewpyd prince-aple


I hate you all


Holy Mother of God!


People love rules until they have to follow them. Dont sign a code of conduct if you have no intention of adhering to it. The link failed to mention that all of the students who didnt blow kisses and take bows recieved their diploma without incident.


There is a line between enforcing rules and abusing your power while trying to do so.


I hope everything bad in life happens to you and nobody else but you...


what's a ZJ?


Sure, but what abuse of power occured in this case? I dont see any. The student and his mom signed a code of conduct and he violated it and was asked to sit down. It isnt as though he won`t graduate.

Again, most of the other students didn`t act up so the code of conduct had the desired effect. To not punish those who act up would have been a slap in the face of those who know how to behave.


Other than the fact that they made him sign it RIGHT before they walked on. What, was he not going to sign it, go home wait for his diploma to be mailed to him, and tell all the people who came sorry they said I couldn't blow a kiss.