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Remember That Guy ZRaw?

For anyone who ever wondered what happened to certain folks who used to frequent the site…

Well, Julien (ZRaw), who was a pretty popular poster on here a few years back just took the heavyweight and overall title at the Montreal Summum Classic.



Was thinking about this earlier today, wondering what happened to alot of the big posters from 2009-2012 (when i lurked the most) and where they are now. Congrats to Zraw, looks great!

He always looked great, with nice shape, proportions and lines. Looks like he’s managed to keep those attributes while continuing to pile on size.

Good stuff.

I always liked the guy. He used to work with Meadows if I remember rightly

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I just thought it’d be cool to share because developing a champion level physique takes many years, as well as knowing what you’re doing. Anyone who has been on here a long while might remember where he started out, and in seeing where he is now, it’s a great lesson in commitment and perseverance.


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What gets me is that he was so far ahead of me years ago and he’s kept making improvements all this time.

Guess he’s on track to be up there with “Remember that guy Gifted?” and “Remember that guy Pwrbarboy?”

2011: “Plan on Competing in About A Year”


2012: “Zraw’s First Bodybuilding Show”


Still, unlike Gifted or Pwrbarboy who got a lot of crap from online experts, I recall most people respecting ZRaw (except one particular online expert -lol). Such is the way of internet based fitness I suppose.

Anyway, despite the fact that I have contact with him off this site, it’s cool to step back and see how far he’s come.


It was his fucking delts! They were always enormous and when you asked what he did for them he’d be like “a few sets of raises,” lucky bastard.

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Agree, I always coveted his delts.

Unless I’m mistaken, that’s him hanging out with Cbum and Ian backstage at the Olympia. I guess he’s still living the dream. (from Cbum’s youtube).

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Yes it’s him, he is/was Iain Valliere’s training partner the last 2 Olympia prep