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Remember me?

Wow this place has changed a whole lot!!! This new forum format is a little weird for me to ge used to though. Hello to anyone who remembers me from forever ago.

Welcome back! What’s new with you?

Maybe the forum looks different, but I still haven’t got that bus chick & people still think I’m a bad person for not thinking the way they do. I remember you had a bunch of problems & that’s why you stopped posting isn’t it? Either that or you were too busy with work, etc.

Welcome back. the forum’s different, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Hey! How’s your singing voice? Is everything ok now?

Holy Shiznit, Batman! Ironbabe is back in that ass!

Hey Ironbabe, nice to have you back after such a long hiatus. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the new forum in no time. It works better than the old one now!

Where you been? What’s the haps? Fill us in!

hey although I don’t remember you. I welcome you back;-)

In health


Hey, are you and Irondoc related?

And Say isn’t a bad person. He’s just a little naive and politically ignorant.

And a U.S.A. basher.

(okay, okay, I’m sorry…)

Anyway, welcome back!

Hey, 'babe! Good to see you back. Actually, a while back several of us regulars were wondering where you’d gotten to… Hope everything’s okay in your neck of the woods…

(And Say, the reason people hate you is because you’re an irritating piece of lint stuck up the Forum’s collective nose. Why don’t you go blow yourself?)

I think irondoc and ironbabe should date. They could get married (he’d give her an iron ring), have 2.5 little ironchildren and an irondog to take to the cottage on weekends.

“I am ironman”

Welcome back IB. We’ve missed you. How’s the hubby and little one?

Well the last thing I posted last night didn’t go through. Hey mods, if I said something I shouldn’t have, send me an e-mail and let me know ok? I’m not up on all the rules if I’m being sensored…it wasn’t the pic was it? (Don’t get the wrong idea guys, I was completely clothed) Maybe I should re-read the FAQ. Oh well, I’ll get the hang of this place. Alright, here’s the update: My singing voice is not coming back unless I want surgery and risk losing more of it. The rest of the symptoms from that birthcontrol shot have gone away. As for irondoc, I believe I was here on the old forum before he was, and I am already married - 6 1/2 years with two kids. But it was a funny statement :slight_smile: . I am also back in college, getting a degree in exercise science, it will be followed by a masters and a doctorate as quickly as I can shove the classes in my schedule. I still train hard, and I’ve learned alot about hormones and what happened to me since my “hormone hell” post. Did I answer everything? Hey Say, I don’t remember your name, but I remember something about a girl on the bus…did you go by something else? I’ve missed you guys. Glad to be back.

Good to have you back and that some of the probs have cleared up. I remember the ‘hormone hell’ bit was pretty ugly.

Definitely try re-posting that pic… Be good to put a face to the name!


First Timbo, Bodz, now Ironbabe!

Great to see you back! It looks like you’re really kickin’ it with the books, Babe! I have NO doubt that you’ll reach all of your goals…

Have you already seen in your studies (and probably from your instructors!) how much “BS” there is out there about Exercise and Nutrition? Don’t sweat it…do what you have to in order to pass the test…THEN teach your own students right!

Wow…it’s great to see you back, Babe!


Yes Mufasa, there is a whole lot of crap taught in my classes…there are a few good teachers though and I am enjoying myself. Ok, I’ll post a before and after pic, but my hubby has requested that I leave out my face so that I can feel free to talk on here about whatever I want. So, no face. I used a blur tool to smudge it. Now, the first pic was three years ago and the second pic was last summer in June. I will post a recent pic of me soon when I am lean enough to show my new muscle growth. I’m going to Florida again at the end of June so probably around then I can post a recent pic. I have more bodyfat now, but I’ve put on so much more muscle that I can’t wait to see what I am going to look like by mid summer.

Nice! Welcome back! (Not too sure what leaving your face out has to do with anything, but hey. I’ve been married before. I know what it’s like. :wink: )

Well, since I was on here last, my husband has begun using tren. I actually make his stuff from kits when he’s short on time. I also give him his shots. So, I guess he knows I’ll have questions and want to give advice about all that stuff so not showing my face is a good idea. He’s a smart guy so I listen to him. You guys will just have to take my word for it that I was born with a beautiful face too. (of course…remember the faces of those people in “the ring” ? I COULD look like that and you’d never know!!!)


You’re not the only one. Several of my posts last night didn’t make it either. :frowning: And they were ALL innocent in nature.

BTW – I don’t really know you cuz I’m a newbie, but nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


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