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Remember Me?

Curious to see if anyone still remembers me?..I haven’t been on here in quite a while…I went through ALOT of shit since the last time I was really on here…including getting into a major car accident…Since then…I haven’t trained really…but I’m looking forward to getting into it once again. Well to anyone who remembers me, long time no talk whats up? and to those who I don’t know…I’m facko whats up.

Welcome back, facko. Hope you came through everything ok. I remember you. Hope you’re back into the fray for good. Nice to see people coming back here instead of leaving.

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I remember you, although you probably don’t remember me. I used to post under a different username. I recognized you in another post before I opened this one.

Welcome back.

I recognise the avatar, welcome back.

Thanks guys…I remember all of you to be honest…I don’t think I’m going to be lifting until this semester of school is over though. I have like no time…I’m working full time, working a side job about 10 hours a week and I have 4 classes. Pretty much all the bad shit is over with and although I was in a really bad accident I actually was not that seriously injured from it. I was actually making good progress too…but oh well.

[quote]facko wrote:
I’m facko whats up.[/quote]


(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)