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Remember Doug Furnas?


Does anybody remember Doug Furnas? He was a world champion powerlifter. What made him so special was that he only TRAINED TWO TIMES A WEEK! I was wondering if anyone knew the location of his routine or some of his training articles?


Doug wrestled in the WWF for a while...very athletic for a huge guy. Althought the WWF of course gave him a gay ass tag team partner.

I remember there being a profile of him in an older (late 90's) PLUSA mag.

Marty Gallagher also talked about doug in an issue of MILO...but it was pretty brief.


I was a big Doug Furnas fan and still am. When I lived in Calif I was training once at Golds in Pacific Beach-right off the 5 freeway. This was in 97 or 98. The owner told me DOug lived in SD and had been in the day before and had repped out with 700 in the squat. I never got the pleasure of meeting Doug in person but I would have loved to.

As for info on Doug-I do not believe he ever authored a course but at one time in the 80s he and Ed Coan had a video seminar that was available through Crain's Muscle World-they have a website and the owner Ricky Crain could turn you on to some contest footage of Doug. The best footage I have seen of him was from the 1985 Hawaii Record Breakers meet-this is prolly the great contest ever-hatfield, Arcidi's first 705, Ed Coad going 2200 at 198-and Doug lifting huge weights effortlessly. Famous for his huge legs and squat Doug also benched 600 in a poly bench and shirt and deadlifted 821 once-one of the lightest guys to ever total over 2400 legitimately.

From what I know of Doug he was a fascinating and intense guy who once rode competitive bulls in a rodeo and became a powerlifter after a bad car accident left him in a wheel chair for a bit. Good luck in finding more info out about him and if you want any more info-private me please.


He's been doing Christian youth activities last I heard. He still wrestles once in a while.

IL Cazzo- You have to look for Furnas' stuff from All Japan. That's where he did some really good intense wrestling. He wasn't focused on all that much in WCW and WWF.