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Remember 'Compensatory Acceleration?'

remember when Dr. Squat Hatfield hailed this as the way to salvation? The theory makes all kinds of sense, but I had a hard time applying it until i started using exercises that FORCE me to use it. The most important example is an ATG squat accelerating into a push-press. If you want to lock a heavy weight out, you must accelerate all the way up as much as possible. This has improved my sprinting, ups, physique, squat, and power snatch from the hang. I like both versions thereof (ft and back squat) depending on what you’re after.
clap pullups are cool too and olympic lifts are by definition examples of when one must use “compensatory acceleration”.

oh yeah crossfit calls the aforementioned exercise “thrusters” and uses it extensively, but let’s not throw it in the junk pile just because they do it with candy ass weights.