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Remedies for Blisters

About a month or so ive been getting blisters on the outside of my left foot (by my small toe).

I’m thinking i might have a muscle imbalance when i walk and its making walk on the outside of my foot.

Anyone have any idea what it can be, and if possible a remedy for it?

Fix the muscle imbalance?

Buy shoes that fit you?

2nd skin, you can find it at pharmacies, it saved my life in college.

Try Benzoin Tincture (Tincture of Benzoin) on the affected area. Eye-opening experience, but you’ll be up and running the next day.

Go to any running specialty store. They’ll do a whole graph of your foot and tell you where you’re imbalance is for free. Plus you might walk away with a bad ass pair of running shoes. Kinda pricey though, but the graph is free.