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Remedies for Anxiety on Bolde?

hi guys, I am thinking of adding EQ to my stack of 750 test e. 350 tbol, 500 primo. I am worried about the anxiety, is it real? is it fixable?

Are you a serious competitive bodybuilder?

How many mgs of EQ are you going to add?

You’re worried about anxiety, and you haven’t even taken any yet, very ironic:)

Anxiety from EQ is a strong potential. It can be avoided by not taking more than you can handle. If you do get it, depending on how bad it is you can cut down or even quit during the cycle. The problem is it takes a while before the EQ starts to work its magic. Many people try to increase the amount, and or frontload. Bad idea because negative side effects can hit you like a ton of bricks, all at once when it does start to work.

Even if you do stop or decrease the amount on cycle it will still be in your system for a long period of time, so it takes time to reduce the side effects.

Also your already taking 1600mg/week, so that’s a pretty decent cycle already. If you add EQ I’d be paying close attention to your blood pressure.

jaja, no man, no serius bodybuilder, just happens that I am big af, 6’7 and 220 lb without gym. So lets say that the little dosages… don’t work its magic in me jaja. Btw, that was the asnwer I was looking for, I will try and see and if it happens I let it go, thanks man :muscle:

Good luck bro, sounds like you can handle a big cycle. Make sure you post how you get along with the EQ.