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Remedial Deadlift Work?


Whenever I deadlift anything above 185 I can't keep my lumbar spine from rounding. I have had lower back problems most of my life as I have been overweight most of my life. I read the whole mastering the deadlift series and I think my technique is good. I lift from blocks 1 foot off the ground. What can I do to improve my deadlift?

I am 6'4" 288 pounds 21%BF and I have long legs.


try a belt. or try not using blocks to try to master your form then go back to blocks after you get your form perfect or when it is comfortable to you and is not putting you in risk of injury.


By lifting from blocks I meant the bar is on blocks not me standing on blocks. Should havef clarified that in my initial post.


How long have you been lifting and what are your goals?


I have been lifting 6 months and my goal is to get below 15% fat by may 31.



Well I assume your BF% numbers are pretty inaccurate anyway. So stop obsessing about a particular percentage you want to get to. I suggest instead get a mental imagine you want to strive for and work towards that. Stop trying to put a number on it. You will fuck yourself over if you do. Just relax, and eat less food in general and move more, and you'll be fine in time.

So your goal is to lose fat, but long term why are you lifting? I mean are you leaning more towards "bodybuilding/looking good naked" or "powerlifting/being strong as fuck"? Because unless you are going to compete in powerlifting, strongman, O-Lifting or something like that, you can just drop the deadlift if you are having problems with the lift. There are plenty of other lifts you can do for back thickness and hammies.

Seeing as you've only been lifting 6 months, I would say you are just weak, should keep the lift and keep trying to use up linear progression for as long as you possibly can.

Your back rounds because you are still a newb and weak. This will correct itself as you grow and get stronger by consistently going to the gym and kicking ass.


My goals are definitely bodybuilding/look good naked oriented. I am not training for any kind of sport or powerlifting.


Well, at this point I wouldn't drop the lift. Keep working at it safely, but you can do T-Bars for thickness and RDL's, sumo legpress and leg curls for hams, and shrugs for traps.

Look, you should keep trying to get stronger with pulling at this point, but if you aren't looking to compete there is no need to do something that hurts you once you get down the road a touch. Think outside the box.