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Remark about Cottage Cheese

For as many years as I’ve been eating cottage cheese I’ve noticed that at least one container out of three looks and tastes as though they’ve gone bad well before the expiry date. You’ll usually notice a bad batch by the texture and smell. Its smells a very sour and it the cheese itself seems to solidify at the bottom and become dry, while at the same time a clear liquid floats on top.

Has anyone else noticed this? ITs really upsetting me.

I have noticed that but not nearly as frequently as 1 out of 3 containers. However, I also don’t buy any cottage cheese that is anywhere even close to the expiration date.

If it isn’t green…it’s ok :)…cheese has natural enzymes to help preserve it…that’s why it will keep much longer than milk without spoiling…I know that hard block cheese can eventually develope mold on the outside surface of the block…but if cut away…the cheese inside is still good…in fact…“aged cheese” is the best…just like a properly “aged” steak. Try stirring it back up.

Of all the cottage cheese containers I’ve purchased, only two were tasting bad. And they hadn’t reached expiration date. I think some batches just go bad before others. I also buy the 48oz tubs from Sam’s. One tub is 3 servings (16 oz each serving), so they don’t last long considering that I have at least one serving each day. Like Kelly, I tend to buy mine a good month or so before they expire.

Actually, you could eat the green stuff :-P. We have this one cheese at the restaurant, it gets “fuzzy” sometimes, and you are supposed to eat the rind. And then there is always Bleu cheese.

Just a hunch here…but what you might see floating up top is the whey of the product. Caesin is known to clot and the whey will seperate from the Caesin. I believe this is true when exposed to an acid. This could be what you are seeing though …hope I helped…Mike

i too have noticed that some of my cottage cheese tastes funny. when i does i basically get it down fast and chug water to keep it down…so far no fod poisoning so im not too worried

On another note, I think I’m addicted to cottage cheese + vanilla Grow!.

Thanks for the thoughts guys.

I wanted to add some last comments on this thread. I always consume cottage cheese about 1 month before the expire date ends. So I’m not entertaining that as a possibility for its state.

Mike M: Is it possible that that would cause the floating liquid to be completely transparent? [ex: like spit?] and cause it to smell really sour?

Until this mystery is solved, I guess I’ll keep throwing it in the garbage and feeling guilty about all the hungry children in third world countries :P~

I consume tons of cottage cheese daily…and though I’ve had cartons where the liquid whey did seperate out a little…I’ve never noticed a sour odor or off taste…perhaps the store where you are purchasing your cheese isn’t storing it properly or their coolers are not cold enough…try a new store or perhaps a different brand (in case the dairy is not processing it properly)…or add lots of salsa/hot sauce and enjoy…cottage cheese has never made me ill.

I second the nod on the cottage cheese/Grow (I use the low-carb). I used to do 1/2 scoop vanilla w. 1 cup cottage cheese a tsp. of Splenda and 4 chopped strawberries or a few blueberries, but lately I’ve become addicted to using chocolate LC Grow instead…reminds me of ice cream…even w/o the Splenda.