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Started a movie remake thread about a year and a half ago and just read through it. Ironically, about 75% of the movies that were brought up ended up being remade. I've been reading a lot about recent movies and quite a few are remakes or prequels. Collin Farrel is starring in 2, total recall and fright night, both of which have the potential to be bad ass. Fright night 2 was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Just watched a trailer for The Thing prequel, and Robocop has been greenlighted and is due to come out in 2013. So, let's hear it folks. Which movies do you want to see remade, and which movies are sacred and should be left alone?


They're remaking Evil Dead.


Should not touch.


They're remaking "The Evil Dead", I'm torn on this partially due to the fact that the original and the two movies that followed it were great due to the low budgets they had. Even though Sam Raimi is involed and has faith in those that will be handling the remake, I'm just doubtful of how this ends up. However, if it's anything like "Drag Me To Hell" I'll be completely satisfied.

The remake of "Fright Night" looks horrible, I am quite excited for "The Thing" prequel though!


They might as well make a remake of Evil Dead considering they remade the original themselves as their own sequel.

As far as The Thing, I have my tent ready and my food packed. I'm camping out in front of the theater until October.

I am also disregarding who started the thread and responding anyway.


The original Evil Dead was also essentially a remake of "In The Woods" (I think?) a short film by Raimi...moral of the story, dude loves him some remakes.


I just personally find a great part of the charm of the Evil Dead was the entirely hammy effects. Who here doesn't love a bit of colored Play-Dohmation? The humor might still be there but the effects will no doubt be cgi and "realistic" and too serious. Also hoping the cgi in the Thing is truly kept to a minimum, for the same reason.

And good luck finding another manic motherfucker like Bruce; as much as I love the series he practically carried those films and I really couldn't imagine them being as successful without him.

But you never know. I'm currently conflicted.


I feel the same about the Robocop remake. The original was so good that there's basically no way they can live up to it, but I am interested to see what they can do with todays special fx. Didn't know they were redoing evil dead. What're the odds Bruce Campbell has at least a cameo? Only seen one preview for the new fright night, but it looks like it has potential. The trailer for the thing makes it look like a remake with a female lead, but I'm cool with that. Been hoping they'd remake for awhile now, but the original holds up surprisingly well despite the time.


Sling Blade



Total Recall is going to suck ass. Not only did you have Arnold Schwarzenegger as a lead (which,nobody has really match his charisma and appearance on the silver screen since) along side with a young Sharon Stone and the amazing Michael Ironside but more importantly,The direction of Paul Verhoeven,whoses films basically DEFINED the 80s. For those of you who aren't familiar with Verhoevens work,Hes the genius that direct Robocop(Which is also getting a remake,which is a fucking travesty) and Starship Troopers. I think its fucking disgraceful and obvious that Hollywood is either running out of Ideas or going for the cheap route of remaking movies,seeing as how the were once a hit and they figure that its a sure thing again. Why cant they just take a random ass Phillp K Dick novel and make a movie about that? He literally has hundreds of books and im sure they'll all be a hit.


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with Sharon Stone playing Martha and Russell Crowe playing George.


I'd also like to see Christopher Nolan remake something like Chinatown or Point Blank or The Usual Suspects, in a near-future, dystopian setting.


My wish for Robocop has been granted. A new Judge Dred is in the works.


What was wrong with the first one?


not sure about any pkd book. just finished listening to VALIS, the divine invasion, transmigration of timothy eldritch (or the other one i always get it confused with) and i'm sure no one would want to make a trilogy out of those. if someone did they would have to either make it campy as hell, which would suck, or pull some type of fantasmagoric shit out of they ass.

after listening to a few pkd books, i don't like many of the movies that are based on them. tried watching minority report again not to long ago and i almost puked out of my ass. fucking tom cruise, what a phony. as for total recall, i think colin ferrel is a better archetype for a pkd character than arnold. he seems lost a lot of the time, and that's how i picture most of the male protagonists in his books.


Ofcoarse,the director will have to play a large role in making the movie actually good but Total Recall,A Scanner Darkly,and Blade Runner were all amazing in their own right. Paycheck was forgettable and if done right,im sure Minority Report would have been great.

One idea would to use "The Man in the High Castle" as a story. The idea of an alternate reality of the Axis winning WWII is pretty intresting. I dont think Ive ever seen a film use that idea save for "Jin Roh" (Which would also be awesome if it was live action,not knocking the Anime either because that was probally the best Anime motion picture I ever saw)

A great idea for a film would be "The Forever War" by Joe Hadleman would be absolutely epic but I think the aspect of the government using homosexuality as away to reduce overpopulation would be too controversial.


Haven't listened to the man in the high castle yet, that one won a hugo, no? i just remembered about a scanner darkly after posting. that was a good movie. i agree with you about minority report, for sure. they should remake that one.


Yeah,and its pretty confusing. I only read the beginning of it. Theres a novel within a novel in the story much like in "Watchmen" about the pirates. Ridley Scott is said to be producing a series on the novel on BBC so that should be exciting.


they should remake Red Sonja. it has the potential to be a great movie and they couldn't make it any shittier than the first! who do you think should be Sonja?
the movie that shouldn't be touched is MASH. it still works today!


Not a movie expert so I wouldn't really know. Karl Urban from Doom is playing Dredd.


I watched the trailer for the prequel to The Thing and it looks like they're calling it a prequel but it looks a lot like a remake to me. We'll have to see when the movie comes out but I saw the spider-head thing in the trailer and that's from the original and I think I saw the spacecraft under the ice just like Oatmeal guy's ship from the original.

I actually don't have much of a problem with it though....I love the original, but I'm OK with remakes and reboots as it makes me think of comic books and how they will try new things like new costumes and those Ultimate stories and What Ifs and Infinitys that try taking the story in different directions or from different viewpoints.