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Remaining tight on bp


every time i bench press i lose my tightness in my upper body. my shoulders seem to move out of position, i try to squeeze them while on the bench after my second rep my upper body loses that tightness. also my lower back/lats seem to be sore the next day. might be arching to much. anything i can do different? will try to bring the grip closer next time.


why don't you post a video

in soviet russia, bench presses YOU!


Try posting a video in the powerlifting forum. Additionally, if you have not already seen it, Dave Tate has an awesome video series on bench technique.


To me it just sounds like your stabilizers are weak without a video. Strengthen your stabilizers.


Why would he not post a video in the bodybuilding forum?

Just because powerlifters specialize in bench pressing the most weight from chest to lockout, does not mean they know best how to build the pecs with the exercise.


going to keep trying different arch's. i do a slight arch with shoulders back tucked elbows. i get the weight up fine over 225lbs but im just more sore in the lats then in my chest the next day.


Keeping your back tightly contracted and shoulders pulled back at all times might help. At least that's how I learned it.


Sounds like he's performing it just fine but that because his stabilizers are weak, they're the limiting factor when the weight gets heavy...


Having a liftoff will help a lot, a video can help us help you like mention before.

Could be as stupid as being just a little off center on bench (particularly smallish bench where your back barely fits).