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Relocated to Dallas and Need Recommended Dr. ASAP


Any recommendations in the DFW area? I have been diagnosed with low T 8 years ago. Seen a doctor here in DFW area and is being a pain. He wants to do a SHBG and free test check and claims that he can calculate to see if I need treatment or not. Been through many doctors already and concluded I have primary hypogonasm but this guy doesn’t listen . He also claims that there is no correlation with major depression and low T. I need your help on recommendations as I only have a week supply left.


The most accurate way to get a free T score is to calculate Total T and SHBG using an SHBG calculator. You can even estimate SHBG by calculating free T and Total T, just keep adding up SHBG until it produces similar free T scores.

The problem with measuring free T directly is the short half life of free T which is less than an hour, so 30 minutes later it could be low. Also your Total T score isn’t so accurate either, give two blood samples to two different labs and get a Total T score 150 points high on the second labs test.
Your doctors needs to know these labs are only so accurate, it’s never exact science. 1+2 doesn’t equal 3. TRT requires exceptional ability to have critical thinking, most fall short of that mark.



Have you been on TRT?


Yes for almost 7 or 8 years. Even showed the doc records stating ive been on it but he is persistent on trying to fix the problem when I told him that all previous doctors weren’t able to.


Im just not sure how he is going to do testosterone calculations when you are already on treatment. Any test numbers are based on your protocol and will not be indicative of your natural state.


Any recommendation on doctors in the DFW area?


Dr. proctor.
McKinney family practice.

Great doctor that has a general practice but also
Specializes in Trt.


Thanks for the recommendation. His reviews doesn’t seem that great. Did you have any issues? Also is he realistic? For example, my current doctor that I just found wants to target me in the 400’s on the day of the injection! And is clueless.


He is good. I was a bit over 600 last test and he bumped me up. He wants to target 800-900.