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Reloading, The Quest To Regain Those 6 lbs

Ok. I’ve been sidelined because of fractured ribs. Yesterday, I was released to gain back the 6 lbs I lost so quickly. Very frustrating because I didn’t restrict but just lost. Edit I just got a text and have a workout partner. Geez, I was feeling pathetic asking you guys for advice :rofl:

Took down pics, too. First advice I got was ole editing of my post. I should add that to confession thread haha. Ya put yourself out there and then get edited…

I’m sorry you keep having such a weird issue with this, but you weren’t actually edited here. At all.

I simply moved this thread out of the Bodybuilding forum, where it didn’t belong, here into Training Logs because it sounded like it was going to be a log.

I did also add a space in the title. Changing “Reloading,The Quest…” to “Reloading, The Quest…” That’s it.

If you want to simply delete the post, no problem, but I really don’t see a need to. Sorry to hear about the ribs though. You should be able to get right back into the swing of things as soon as you get back into a consistent routine. FWIW, the pics looked pretty identical, so the weight loss wasn’t visible, but I definitely understand why it’s a priority to put them back on ASAP.

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Honestly, I was really frustrated. I have a very very active metabolism. I looked at my pics and just didn’t want to put myself out there-it’s extremely difficult to put your flaws on display. I just sat there stewing, and then I saw just that you cleaned it up, which is fine. Unfortunately, if you know anything about psych meds, many take you to a world where you can’t compose a sentence anymore. Embassment#2, I was so fucking mad at myself!

As far as lifting goes, I decided to take two weeks to just eat, and of course no cardio other than walking my dogs to the park. I know what I need to do, it’s just extremely irritating. Hard gainer = me.

I totally get and understand what you’re saying. I hope my explanation helped you understand where I was coming from. Thanks :hugs:,


For two weeks I’ve been reconditioning myself with weights, stretching and foam rolling. Feeling good and going to start

No cardio continued which should be pretty self explanatory since this is going to tax my system enough as it is. Diet: plan to consume calories every three hours. Focused on gaining some fat along with muscle. Perfect that the holidays are here, plenty of food :upside_down_face:. Still have issues with getting enough sleep.

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Looks brutal but fun. Are you going to keep the log updated with the new program? Are you excited to start it?

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accountability is stellar. Gotta think on it. Weighing pros and cons on being a regular poster or not. Thanks for dropping a line my way :hugs:

I’ve thought about keeping a log on here for a while. I keep one on paper already. I’ve thought about the accountability aspect as well as getting advice, opinions and motivation from others on here. I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet though. I’m definitely in if you decide to keep one.

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Haha, if I have an urge to run hurdles on this, I’ll have to be held accountable. When I say cardio, I don’t mean like light. I tend to go intense. As far as logging goes. I might take you up on it. Regardless, it’s a positive step in life, you should do it. I am a bit competitive :wink:. To be totally honest, I might push myself more than I should if my numbers are out there.

Might be best then to not keep a log on here. I’m not very competitive now. When I was younger I was, but not so much now. I hate cardio haha. Cardio for me is walking at an incline for 30 minutes complaining about how much I hate cardio :rofl:

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It’s all good :upside_down_face:. I am nothing like I used to be. I’m just apprehensive that I might. I try and check myself before I do things now. Live and learn

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Ok here’s my current pic. Any advice would be appreciated. I can handle it.

Hey @Chris_Colucci can I use the pic I posted for the transformation? I’m easily gaining back muscle but bf seems to be a problem. As I said advice appreciated :hugs:

Hey Guns Been seeing you post around here and there.
This might be a fun one to follow :slight_smile:
I’m in.

As far as advice, you seem to know what you’re doing.
Looking strong and lean to me.

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Thanks dude :hugs:. Yeah, I’ve been here and there. Me, be fun to follow, hehe, ty.

You make me sound creepy… It’s the log Guns, The log.

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Haha! I know! Ya don’t sound creepy. I’m more Creeped out at the attention I was gonna get from medicine ball throws. Santa got me one for home. Going to do in the garage, but my dogs are gonna flip. I think my neighbors might give me some looks or even some comments when I get the mail.

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I wonder if I should add some before you enter guns log 411…be prepared for an ever changing sense of humor, insecure yet confident, volatile yet empathetic, flexible yet resilient…hmmm…I like the sound of flexible resilience. Better username than guns. I bet people think I have an Arsenal at home :upside_down_face:

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Wow! The pic looks amazing. Looking very strong and lean. Looks like you’re doing a great job!

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I’ve lost some bf which has made me more defined. Ha, I’m not as strong as I was three months ago. I cant do but about 1/3 the amount of weighted push ups :weary:. Thanks, though

So what are your current goals? Gain back lean body mass?

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