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Religulous: The Movie


Anyone seen this?

I thought it was a pretty good and funny documentary - written by Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles.

Check it out if you have a chance.


Yep, I watched it last weekend. I thought it was very entertaining, especially when he'd stump those he interviewed. The priest at the Vatican was a riot!


I posted on this a while back.

Very good movie, he came off like an ass at times (but I hear that's how he is), but it's still a good film.

Tried ot get my catholic fiance to watch it, but wanted no part of it.

Did you see the latest family guy? They were burning books that went against God, one book titled "Logic for 1st Graders" LOL


this is one of the reasons i stopped believing in religion and the fact if you read any of darwin's work it kinda makes you think otherwise..GodLess is a good book that im currently reading...and its crazy how many influential people really didnt think much of religion anyways,theirs some good quotes by,einstein,lincoln,jefferson and many more

but yeah it was funny as hell..the gay guy,the noah and the wale incident and the guy who said he was jesus..bill is insanely hilarious


I know, he had me in stitches:


You know, I did a search and nothing turned up. Now I try and it's there.


I have a friend who watches Bill Maher like he's going die soon. He thinks Bill's uproariously funny, and that I should think so too.

Every time I watch Bill's work though, I get the strange feeling like he's one of those guys who cares more about being right than being happy.

Which is to say, he mocks a lot of topics near and dear to my heart, without the subtle nuance that can only be developed by thoroughly understanding what he's mocking.

In short, I think he's a master of the strawman attack. I'll check out Religulous and get back to see if this further confirms my opinion.


I dig Bill Maher and liked the movie.



From what I've heard, he doesn't exactly interview the best and brightest religion has to offer... it's more of a "let's laugh at religion" movie than one based upon actual discussion.

I happen to like Bill Maher, though. I think he can be awfully condescending at times (he occasionally acts like he can't possibly believe any non-retarded person could ever think differently than him), but, on the whole, I like his point of view on a lot of things.


Jesus Camp related to my upbringing more, I had to go through seeing grown adults shouting "in tongues" and falling to the ground. It sent chills down my spine to see this documentary, but it also helped me feel sane for my decision to separate my self from any fanatical religion.



To me, that is the kind of message he was trying to get across.


I just watched it, and I can confirm that. Quite a few of them could barely speak English.

But what bothered me the most was the bogus subtitles. That's some outrageously deceitful rubbish.


I saw an interview with him (on Larry King, maybe) where he admitted the movie was geared more towards being funny than being serious.

Because of that, I didn't bother to see it. I like Maher's take on a lot of things when he is serious, but his comedy I can, for the most part, do without.


I respect all and any views, but this movie was horrible.

It's like going up to the guy in the gym with no back and no legs and tagging this guy as an "expert", then commence to hammer him with questions about training.

I think his main objective was not to make "religion" look silly, but more specifically Christianity.

Christianity gets more than two thirds of the attention in the film. Were there any thoughtful and penetrating objections to Christianity in the film? No. Did they interview any thoughtful and accomplished Christian scholars? No. The closest they came to this was an interview with renowned scientist Dr. Francis Collins whose segment in the film made almost no sense indicating that they had butchered it down to nubs in the editing room.

I tell you what they did do. They successfully put some of the goofiest strands of the Christian movement on public display for cinematic ridicule. Great skill, intellect, or cleverness that did not require. The greater feat would be for the two documentarians to really explore Christianity and see what has made it attractive to some of the greatest minds in human history. But I think it's a good bet that they don't have a sequel like that on the drawing board.



"There are no atheists in foxholes"


I'm pretty sure that was for humor.

death to Bill Maher

lol :slightly_smiling:


I have to be honest, I wish he'd ragged on Dharmic (Buddhism, Hinduism etc.) religions a bit more though.


Test, I agree with you on you later points. He may have aimed it more at Christianty, but that is America's main religion which seems appropriate to the type of movie he was making. Would you have preferred if he made fun of Jews of Muslims more?

Honestly, it was more of a comedy for 95% of the movie - the only part I took seriously was the last 5 minutes.

I respect everyones opinion, and I don't want to spark up another debate about relgion vs atheism - I simply wanted to know what people thought of it.



That was funny.


It was obvious in that particular instance.

But I'd bet that over 90% of the film's audience took the translation of the passer-by inside Al-Aqsa literally.