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Religious Homo


Please sticky this!

In an effort to reduce the number of topic repeats I felt the need to consolidate all the threads about (not) being a homo and or (not) religious into one.

Have at it and have fun!

edited to cover all the bases


What are you the forum moderator?


I concur.

This is supposed to be "Politics and World Issues"! The assrapers get far too many threads. Also the gays.


I'll get on board if we can agree to confine all anarchist discussion to this thread as well.


And, the different forums of socialism.


lol my thoughts exactly. OP, you spread your beliefs into almost every thread, why are you angry when others do the same?!?

('course, I would like to see this happen, but I did think it was funny...satire perhaps?)


I would agree , the Mods should include Religion in the title . I thunk it gets more (INK) so to speak than any subject


Well if Politics doesn't cover religion, then World Issues does. And, if it doesn't I don't know what to say fellas, you just don't get it. :slight_smile:


There has not been but one thread about anarchism created by me.

And I would totally be in favor of having a sticky thread for Anarchism.


Do we really need stickies? They'll become like 100,000 posts long and be impossible to navigate. PWI is fine the way it is. If you don't want to get eewww on your mouse arrow, thread titles let you know the general topic before you have to click it.

What's the big problem?


This is serious business.