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Religious Belief is Human Nature?


I ran across this yesterday and posted it in a thread, but I really think it deserves it's own examination. It's an interesting article...

What it speaks to is the only way to stamp out religious belief is to kill all the believers and start a new race of non-believers. If the evolutionary chain so dictates from that point then the natural instinct should be stomped out...I doubt it would happen though, even with mass genocide.

So in other words, it's here to stay so long as humans exist, despite which side of the 'existence of God' argument you fall on...

I recommend reading the whole thing, it's not long and it does address some natural questions.
Sorry for another religion thread...


That wouldn't be enough, several generation must still go through "weed removal procedures" if we want to succeed. Religiosity could be a recessive trait. It could also correlate with some favourable, even crucial traits. Tricky.

There was some talk about imagination in some thread. I suspect that without imagination there wouldn't be much religiosity either.



Our propensity for religious beliefs will be our downfall. Add greed and stupidity to the mix and watch Rome burn.

Pat, i have little to add to the other thread we posted in. I haven't forgotten about them, but i'm just ignoring it for now.


I read the whole thing . Interesting.


/Wraps himself within the safety of the term, religiphobic.


This is one of the main reasons why eugenics is fucking stupid.


Humans basically have too much ego, many people simply can't handle the idea that the here & now is (probably) all that their is & ever will be. So, quite naturally they find ways to convince themselves that they are special, unique snowflakes, above animals & can settle upon certain morals & values which might grant them eternal life (or perhaps just a certain smugness).

People can't see beyond their own emotions.

This isn't just true of religious belief(s) though, I'd go as far to say it's true of all sorts of other logically dubioius beliefs/attribution errors etc.


Take away religion and humans go instinct.


People go instinct regardless of religion. Often religion is used to justify instinctual behaviour [against competing tribes]. Religion is just a thin layer of veneer to show your neighbours you belong there.


If the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus Christ, takes away His sustaining power for one millisecond, all of creation goes extinct. "Religion" is almost universally man's insolent attempt to dictate terms of business to an infinite almighty God. Atheism is just as good.


People are going crazy over the rapture on may 21st @ 6PM Trib. Your beliefs are as true as their's. Now we'll just have to wait and see what will prevail: common sense or irrational beliefs.


Yeah, heard about this last year. I am not going crazy however.

My beliefs are proclaimed in the revealed Word of God. Theirs are just the latest in a loooong line of froot loops that pop up every now and then with this kinda thing. Nuthin new.

You go ahead n wait. I'll declare this as idiocy and or charlatanism right now and be back here in the 22nd to collect.

Without Jesus they're the same thing.


Religious belief could be a part of human nature....but then again, what about people that have none?

And even still just because religious belief may be part of our "human nature" does not mean it is a valid belief system that yields true knowledge.

I think it is a valid argument that people will devise theories to help them account for the inexplicable -- many of these theories will fall in the realm of superstition.


So people who believe in the coming rapture, or people who believe the earth is flat are wrong yet he who believes like Trib is right.

Gotcha wink


Rome is made of stone, which does not burn.

Atheism hasn't done much good or been very enlightening by any stretch, so I really don't see the advantage except there is no ultimate culpability in the belief system. So if you accidentally do tremendousness harm, it's ok in the end cause nothing really matters.

Don't care, take your time.


6 PM which time zone? I need to restock the beer fridge for that....


Everybody has some form of it. Most people that don't believe in God turn to science for all their answers. Ironically, through out history, science has been mostly wrong. I have little dounbt that many current theories and hypotheses will be stood on their respective heads over the next couple hundred years.


Last I checked we stopped living in caves and clubbing our women several hundred thousand years ago...



Check it out for yourself.