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I haven’t seen a thread on this for a long time, and with all the news about Religion recently (ie, Catholics, and Muslims) I was wondering what religion if any, the different people on this forum are. I want this to be fairly lighthearted, so try not to bash each other. If your Atheiest or Agnostic please feel free to say so.

Well, I was Roman Catholic but over the past 2 years I have started to see holes in the religion so I don’t really consider myself a practitioner of that religion anymore. I don’t want to say I’m non-denominational b/c alot of Catholics I know say that to try to be different. Its tough b/c I’m starting to see holes in every organized religion and I don’t want to just pick the best of the bunch if none are very good. Also, it would be too much to make that jump to Atheism b/c I do believe in God. I just don’t know which religion has him picked the best. You know, I think its pretty arrogant for anyone to think that their religion alone has tabbed God perfectly. This is a pretty long way to say what my religion is. Later.

Are you trollin’ or what? Just because we don’t have an active religious thread doesn’t mean we need one.

I worship Lahuna the goddess of the moon.

I don’t know the noun the could describe my religious beliefs, but I do not believe in God. I do not care about him either, if he by any chance exists. He has nothing to do with me whatsoever.

I’m Catholic. As non confrontational as your post is, don’t be surprised if it gets turned into WWIII.

Christian - non-denominational. I believe Christ is my savior, the rest is just details. Denominational squabbling is silly.

Agnostic-all religion is a sham.

Cthulhu worshipper. He shall doom all your muscular forms in his grand pseudopods!!!

I’m dyslexic atheist…I don’t believe in Dog.

I like to think of myself as polytheistic. I worship the lord god Khemosh. Also I pay my respects to Hathor the Celestial Bovine. In addition, I am a member of the secret cult of Mithras with all my warrior buddies. I also perform a one-man Bacchanalia because the women worshippers of Bachhus won’t let me in.

I’m a fairly new Catholic convert. My brother Bron is Baptist.

the only way I would believe in god would be if by the time I’m done with this run on sentence Tinna Rigdon (sp?) would appear in front of me and BEG me to worship her perfect ass. nope, didn’t happen.

Deist … and occasionally Crom or the four winds, depends on my mood.

Me too, I sold my soul to santa.

Christian. Period. I was raised in the Lutheran church, and now attend a Catholic church. Not because I find the particular liturgy or theology to fit me, but that the person who is leading the congregation teaches from the Bible and feeds my spirit. I have a number of spiritual counsellors that I learn from.

To ryan: All religions are a human interpretation of divine word, and is therefore fallible. I don’t believe that any one religion has it all right.

To Axy: The word you’re looking for is agnostic.

Be careful my friend, some things are not meant to be spoken of to those that are unaware. You know the consequences of your actions. Do not makes us call!

I believe in the invisible dragon in my driveway. I will be very offended if I am pressured to provide proof of his existence, and will simply say “It is not a matter of logic, it is a matter of faith” I will not use faith, however, when my gf says she is on the pill. I will use a condom. I will not be offended by anyone elses religion, as long as they are willing to suspend disbelief as I do, and I expect the same courtesy. I do not like unbelievers, as they find my beleifs ridiculous. I will express incredulity when I am informed of their lack of superstition. I will question the possibility of moral behaviour in the absence of a 2000 year old book. I and my kind wield so much power that even those that do not beleive, pretend to do so. I glorify in my lack of rational thought, and do not know that I am evil.

I am agnostic, organized religion just get’s too weird. Huck, that was damn funny!

This is the MCI Operator, we have a collect Call of Cthulhu, will you accept charges?