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Religion Catch All

I’m not Christian…

So, the non Christian is trying to convert the Christians

How ironic


How so, expose them yes convert? To what? I don’t believe in anything

I do, however they’re Muslims in the same manner members of the Westboro Baptist Church are ‘christian’… or how the members of Lev Tahor are ‘Jewish’

The difference being the first two encompasses tiny groups and the Taliban runs an entire country. Still… the Taliban make up a very small minority of Muslims.

Was I talking to you? Can you not read?

You are not exposing anything…you are just arguing

The fact that they have deflected my original comment and turned it into a personal attack proves everything. Not that it needs proving since it’s long ago been proven that Christian’s are fucked in the head

All you are proving is that you are an angry troll

You’ve come in here and picked an argument with all those who may harbour opposing views to that of yourself.

You need to work on yourself… this is some seriously deranged behaviour.

Don’t you believe the latter two variables are more important? I assume you also enjoy attending mass though. Contrast that to someone such as myself who actually loathes the services… predominantly because I can’t understand a word of it so I just sit there/stand/whatever for three hours.

I like how it enables me to concentrate on something perhaps greater than myself, but aside from that it’s not for me. I also perhaps don’t believe a good portion of it ever happened as I have no physical proof to justify gods existence (in the manner described within scripture) and/or the events that unfolded within the Torah.

You go to maintain a relationship with God… am I correct? I think ‘god’ would forgive you if you miss an occasional church session to take care of your family and/or engage in activities that help you provide for your family.

I think you’re being unnecessarily harsh on yourself and/or potentially setting expectations that are impossible to meet. Unless you adopt the Christian lifestyle equivalent of an ultra orthodox Jew you aren’t going to be able to make every single event.

No one is perfect… except for @unreal24278, I hear he’s the best.

Do you consider Islam attractive in that the prospect of converting attracts you? Or you can see why others would be attracted to Islam?

Absolutely not.


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1/3rd through the book :+1:

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